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Granny’s little yellow dog

During the summer vacation, I went to my grandmother’s home and found a little yellow dog. The yellow dog is about one year old, with triangular ears that can hear the sound. Black eyes like two black stones inlaid in the eyes, twinkling eyes, nose wet, as if it had just been washed. When the mouth opened, it showed two sharp rows of teeth, reminiscent of its strength. Since I went to grandma’s house, with the puppy mixed ripe, this lazy yellow dog seemed to follow me, I go to that, it wagged his tail to it, like the shadow following me closely. Often like panting on the ground, spit tongue heat, I looked at the mess like, eating on the ground still some bones, it is a “ Liyudiaolongmen ” like with his teeth, lying on the ground, his forepaws hold the bones, slowly began to eat it is also, after eating, watching me, as if to say: “ I told you so long time, paid so little, unfair?! &rdquo: ha ha, the dog will also be paid, I think for a moment, the bowl of meat thrown out of the door, the yellow dog did not hesitate a moment, quickly jumped, bite, swallow, and satisfied with the other house to grab something to eat. I’ve been playing for some time. It’s time to go home. When I left the yellow dog pat on the head and said I should go, yellow dog barking “ “ call the two, her face a little regret, bowed his head, it seems to say: “ master, you have to go, take me with you? ” I shook my head. At this time, dad called me soon, I had to step back three boarded the car, goodbye to grandma in the car, goodbye to the yellow dog, yellow dog now facing forward, I guess it should catch up with the car, say goodbye to me. Sure enough, the car slowly started, yellow dog immediately catch up, head at this time YangAmazon FitFlopUp, shout: “ winter vacation, small master you must come, I’m waiting for you! ” the yellow dog struggled with all his strength and ran like mad. Finally, it has no strength, can not chase, had to “ whining &rdquFitFlop sandaler udsalgO; a few calls, dejected to go backFitFlop UK salesThe. I didn’t expect a dog to have such deep feelings. The yellow dog is so obedient. How can I not like it? Source address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiewu\/czzwzw\/1Four1Two10Five19Four1989Three98Five9Five0.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageGranny’s little yellow dog