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And my cat

As the saying goes good “ whether black or white, to catch mice is a good cat. &rdquo, that’s right. My mouse is rampant, not only at night over Tan Nong cans, bite bite box cabinet, eating rice food, Jiji squeak, get awfully, but the day still chased, unscrupulous people and do whatever they want, restless, suffering. All the good practices of deratization have been used repeatedly, but with little success, it is helpless. Not long ago, my mother grandfather got has been born for nearly half of the small white, I watched the little white cat was born soon, I saw it: body short, long tail, nose, mouth, eyes, ears immediately round, claws, together with sound fine, Wei tiger, but not the general good greedy &ldquo sleep; like the cat &rdquo nozzle. The whole family treasure, father finds that only half of the small white was fast and older must make a difference. Dad at the other end of the cat on a rat, one day down, captured five or six mice, since then, the little white cat was regarded as “ the town of God ”. In order to test the small white alert, I specially used nylon bags made a catch flies. I’ll hide firstFitFitFlop aanbiedingFlops salesA small white sight, secretly learned a few sound mouse called, haven’t finished, small white quickly hide, ears, I continue to call, I saw the little white cat walked the catwalk, soundless and stirless to me. When the little white cat when seeing me dismay gas away, may be in the hand of meal wasted sigh. I took the “ catch flies ” shake to dance to in front of the white cat, little white cat could not resist the temptation to me, his forepaws touched “ catch flies ” at the same time, also to catch flies for “ ” as a mouse with head up, follow my hand. Suddenly jump up, I quickly put up, small white did not bite, fell on the ground, a small white cat climbed up, his forepaws touched his head, still capture “ &rdquo … catch flies; … “ whether black or white, to catch mice is a good cat. ” people still read this sentence. Source address: http:\/\/wwwGlamorous, Womens, Fuchsine, Sandals, Frou.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiewu\/czzwzw\/1Four1Two10Five19Four1Two7Five7Three81FourFive.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageAnd my cat