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I love the flowers in my family
There is a small balcony of my house, you can’t see him, but he will come to the neighbor of my house, because the balcony has many flowers, my dad is a flower of the people, so the balcony is added to the five Yan sixFitFlop shoesColored flower. I’m talking to you todayNew Fitflop Via Tan SatisfyingThe father to love what the situation! It was on a cold winter, afraid of his father who took the baby frozen, on the night of the flowers to his room, in the end is only the plum pots were brought in, because my father know that the clubs are and the snow fight, in the evening, one after another the plum blossom in the cold wind up proudly, and watched the snow fight club, I can not help but think of a poem, the vast cloud day, poor northwest beacon. East to west to steal the robber, and in front of hu. But IFitFlop sandals UKThis is just one of them, there are nine I will not explain. In the summer, father day evening to sleep very late. I don’t know what my father was doing, in the evening when Dad secretly slipped into the room, because I want to see my father so late what he did not sleep in the house, did not think the first day I have the harvest, the original I saw my father in the room with the father carefully hand pot Epiphyllum in that place to enjoy the night watch only cailong Epiphyllum, when almost two o’clock, Yuhua slowly put it a white petals show in the night, I suddenly felt around the incense, could not help but a delicious export however, no response from me, my dad immediately pulled out from under the bed I saw her surprised, without laughing, but Dad asked me why I wanted to hide under the bed, I will put things The father told in detail and a dad said, also asked his father why night Epiphyllum was open, my dad told me about the biological clock principle, I understand why dad was watching the evening Yuhua listen. Spring is a good season flowers blossom, my father and I went to grandma there forest to breathe fresh air, although it is to breathe the fresh air, but my father and I are going to look at the flowers, in the mountains, we’ll go to pick flowers, always take azaleas when I come back. My father loves flowers, I love flowers, too. I love the flowers in my family