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Beautiful Nanjing City
Boys and girls, have you ever been to the beautiful city of Nanjing? Nanjing not only has beautiful scenery, snacks, even products also have a unique style, let me to the identity of the guide to introduce you! Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing is a famous scenic spot. In the summer, rippling the lake with a beautiful blossoming lotus bloom. Some very pretty and charming; some bright eye-catching and fragrant; … … the Xuanwu Lake are immersed in a sea of lotus! Sitting in the boat, watching the beautiful scenery of the lake, a breeze blowing, blowing through the face, refreshing! Qixia mountain maple leaf is also very charming. In autumn, the branches of the maple leaves on the breeze, from afar, the charming Qixia mountain like a red flame. Spring girl, Meihua Mountain plum blossom in full bloom, a round one. Exposure to the plum blossom, like in the sea of flowers. Through these charming scenery spots, your stomach began to sing kongchengji “ ”. Let’s go to Confucius temple! To Confucius temple,FitFlop UK onlineSmallFitFlop schuhe吃可不能少。瞧,Small笼包隆重登场啦!一笼笼热气腾腾的鸡汁汤包散发出一股股诱人的香味。我是这样解馋的,首先用筷子夹起其中的一个Small笼汤包放入醋碗里 ,让它在里面上下、左右打个滚,然后就迫不及待地放入嘴边,用嘴唇慢慢地吸取汤包的顶端,吮吸里面的浓浓的鸡汁,再把Small笼包一口吞吃掉,真是味美无比啊!当然,南京还有许多别的风味Small吃,例如牛肉锅贴、鸭血粉丝汤等,它们个个让你回味无穷! 听完了这些介绍,你一定想去购买一些特产吧!再让我们一起去雨花台吧。 雨花台到了,这里有各种雨花石任你Cheap FitFlop shoesChoose。 Some have different patterns; there is a riot of colours; sparkling … … Nanjing has also because stone known as &ldquo rock; ” famous! Students, how, Nanjing beauty is not beautiful? Tell you, Nanjing is a beautiful pearl inlaid in the motherland! Don’t forget to play in Nanjing! Beautiful Nanjing City