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Spring is the season of recovery, Spring returns to the good earth., 100 birds call, is a hundred flowers contend in beauty season; spring, always bring fresh and green to the people, and bring new hope. “ spring ” always make people think of “ vigor ”, “ vitality ”. Spring rain is quiet. So it is the “ the wind at night, moisten things silently; ” spring rain is powerful, so it is the “ the sound of wind and rain, whispering ”. Ah, right! And the spring wind, the spring breeze is gentle — — like a mother. Spring is happy, look! On the grass, young parents are flying kites with their little daughter. The little girl is lovely, just like a beautiful flower. The kite is a butterfly. The little girl must like it very much. Wow! The kite is flying high, the little girlFitFlop sandalenExperience straight clapping, her father and her mother looked at each other, happy smile, and more warm picture. Hey, spring is happy! Spring is industrious. These days, my mother went home to go to the fields, I asked: “ how do you run to the fields every day? She said: ” “ vegetables ah, not for what you eat! ” I said: “ that also does not need to go every day! She said: ” “ not every day to do, do you think in the planted it will grow! Watering, fertilization, to take place more than it! These days notFitFlops on saleGet, do not have to wait until half an hour out of the station will get sunstroke in the summer to get it? ” Oh, spring is hard work! Spring is easy to learn. In spring, the students entered the campus, again embarked on a journey for knowledge, on the chair in the park, in the shade under a tree, always holding the book to see several boys and girls together, sometimes in knots discussion, perhaps we can hear some sound argument; sometimes, aloneFitFlops sale AmazonThinking, perhaps from his (her) face to see the joy of success. Oh, spring is easy to learn! Ah! Spring is happy, is industrious, is easy to learn, so spring, how can I not love? How can I not admire? How can I not learn? Spring