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I love my community
My cell can be beautiful, rare flowers and trees everything, what gold rimmed Huang Yang,Schuhe FitFlopI don’t know how to name it. There are a lot of residential landscape, what the central square, you came to my district, will let you feast for the eyes. The lawn is covered with green grass and lovely, the sun exudes fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. There are dozens of different plants in the middle of the lawn, one of which is a hundred years old. In addition, fame, old legend, every summer, will be in its body to see the barking of cicadas. From afar, chaner like a small dot, it also let me understand what is called “ Kim Ji Yuye ”. The bees fly around the flowers. For a moment while hovering, stop the nectar,FitFlops WomensVery busy. Look! Here you see the butterfly world, follow them, you will be able to enjoy the colorful flowers. Some are red, some blue, some green, some brown, zhengqidouyan. Very beautiful! This beautiful and fragrant flowers also attract many insects, some crawling on the wet leaves, while others are sleeping in the flower. Eyeful of sweet scented osmanthus trees, when autumn comes, you full of orange osmanthus, the pale yellow, Qiao Qiao small, bead, like stars dotted the green leaves, the wind blowing through the breeze, the whole area is filled with strong cinnamon. The most classic landscape will be hugeSandals UK Sale Brown FitflopThe rocks and cultural corridor, stone engraved with “ &rdquo &ldquo ” harmony; longevity; “ home ”. The cultural wall engraved with “ qingmingshanghetu ”. This is not only a path for people to walk, but also spread the name of our Chinese nation has a long history of culture. On the wall, it will let you can not help but sigh of nostalgia, lamented in the ancient city of profound cultural heritage. Roadside bamboo, but also to the beautiful environment brings vitality. The people’s living standards. In the summer rain, it put a small scouring exceptionally clean and beautiful. Fragrant gardenia flowers, crape myrtle flowers, rose flowers, really is a riot of colours. It is as the acme of perfection scenery, make me intoxicated, ah! What a beautiful environment of our community. I love my neighborhood. I love my community