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Poor puppy!

I have a dog under the age of one year. It’s called “Niuniu”. It was bought by my mother. But in a few days, the puppies are everywhere, because my family is a wooden floor can not afford to little dog “ super cannon &rdqTwo01Four, New, Fitflop, Band, WhiteUo; “ attack, mother said: we put the dog in the yard where to raise the greenhouse? There’s a lot of cattle going around and running around… ” &ldquo… Oh, no! Resolute not! Mom, how can we make her eat and stay in other places when we buy the puppy? No way! I disagree! “&rdquo,” I said angrily. Mother left advised right to persuade or not, I cried out on the business trip of the father’s phone: “ dad! Purr! My mother wants to send out the taurus!New, Fitflop, Arena, Slide, Black, SandalsI don’t want to let Niuniu go! I don’tZalando timberlandWant to! ” “ I don’t agree. Why do you want to leave? Let your mother talk! “&rdquo,” Dad said. Mom and dad said but didn’t your dad said. I thought about it in my room, and if I were my mother, I would do the same. After I was cruel and mom said a lot of conditions, or the little dog on the gardener Li aunt’s house. After talking to my aunt about the good conditions, I left safely. At first, I watched every day on the sly whether my aunt did what I told her to do, and I was relieved and satisfied with the expression of love in a week. But I didn’t expect that after the scene: after the aunt every day no longer give you feed to Niuniu always long reluctant to bathe. Finally, she finally had a few serious illnesses and lost a lot of weight. I didn’t see the scene. I always got red eyes and quickly brought his favorite things to niuniu. Here, I want to thank one of my good friends. He’s so kind to you that I can’t describe it in words. Now I really regret what I regret past doings?! I’m sorry, my puppy. Now the puppy has lost a thin layer of skin and hair, except for a few hundred bones. Are dogs born to suffer, right? Article address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiewu\/czzwzw\/1Four1Two10Five19Four17FiveThree9077ThreeFive0.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pagePoor puppy!