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promises to my dog
Today, we watched a movie in the school, the name of the movie called “ten agreement” with my dog, which is about fourteen years old girl Li Ming: Mom and dad happy life in Hokkaido. The weather is unpredictable, the mother suddenly fell ill in hospital, then Ming Li found in the yard of a a stray dog, see it endearing, the adoption, in the mother’s proposal, Ming Li named it “ sokesi ”, and set the ten agreed with it. Shortly after her mother died of illness, Dad busy, take care of her daughter, in this connection, Ming Li sokesi alone and together, to grow. Li Ming had a good friend named star, is persistent, dreams of becoming a performer. Dad because of job transfers, Ming Li moved to Sapporo to follow, find the new home only lived in the dormitory, Ming Li sokesi had to foster the star into the home until he went to study abroad. Dad home more and more late, let Ming Li feel lonely. Later my father owes her too much, decided to resign, returned to Hakodate and opened a small clinic, sokesi also back Ming Li. Over the past few years, the 22 year old Ming Li along the dreams, admitted to the University Department of veterinary medicine, star in the returned, and Ming Li again, two people became lovers. Ming Li do after graduation to enter the zoo, busy life to keep her busy sokesi, until she turned to make up when the Sox age has been agreed for ten years. Every life is beautiful, every life is worth us to cherish, because every life will have his out of the ordinary. When the sox from late Ming Li to the world, we found that the dog is a very important, by a friend, a dog is coming in our earthly angel, ha ha. And it is time to get along, is how happy, inadvertently thrown a smileShoes women FitFlop, with a grateful feeling. At that time, we only know how to cherish, will see the beauty of life. But life will not always stayFitflop Trakk Chocolate NewIn the happy time, life in advance, every year the same day, each year is different, the age and years of similarities and differences, itself is enough to let us in the time of circulation, such as the song of life experience. Otherwise, how do we in the road of life through the groundless talk? And how to enjoy the rainbow after the rain? promises to my dog