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Thank you, teacher.
Thank you, teacher dear teacher: Hello the flight of time, ten years Time flies like a shuttle., blink away, now I’m a junior school student, looked at his experienced ten years of ups and downs, looking ahead, in every rough back, there is a silent figure, that is you. — — teacher! Yes, if you have been using an invisible force to support me, not to teach your hemDamen FitFlopMy brain will not be flexible to use, if not you, I will not even read an English language, and even an equation will not do, yeah! If not for your encouragement, now may be addicted to the plight of play. Looking at their own ups and downs behind, no one without you! Remember I read threeClogs FitFlopsGrade when, due to the deep understanding of English, so the final exam is a mess, my English grades have made my grades and in a complete mess, sharp decline, you see, spend the rest of their own time, just put my grades to balance your it off, but the teacher. Do you know? While you give me the tutorial in English, I can see your face and have experienced years of wind and frost has added a wrinkled, I saw a adds your sideburns, look at you that a head of silver hair, I like to see your teaching career is so hard, I seem to see your good intentions of students. “Historical records” on the record, a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime, but I feel in addition to parents, you are my closest relatives, thank you for your dedication to our teacher, too much, but we return you rarely, yeah! No matter what the teacher wants his students in the future can be successful in the official career, serve the progenitorTrainers sale FitFlopsCountry ah! However, when we are successful in the official career, your personal standing on the podium, past all alone. A piece of chalk and three feet platform work round the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, a pile of homework and widowed widowed eyes, three feet of the podium today, thousands of teachers and students, I write these lines, I hope you are not too tired, I hope you are not too hard, the teacher’s day, today, I wish you a happy holiday. Thank you for your good health and a happy holiday

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" rumbling ____" a dull thud rolling, like a general issued a decree, the rapid mobilization of the clouds. The gloomy day from all sides, like a big pot, the ground was shrouded in shadow. Suddenly, a glittering sword pierced the sky, suddenly cried all the clouds the sky. Beans rain as a brave paratrooper, one after another to jump down safely to the ground. The rain came " " underground, thousands on thousands of crystal " cracking " hit on the roof, the side of the road, the distance, pond Creek, although is misty in in the rain, but still can see the indistinct jade green color leaves and graceful lotus. In the rain, can hear the lark singing voice, singing it, like to tell people that nature is more rain ModyNew Fitflop Fleur Pale BronzeBeautiful. The rain continued to keep next, if there is no meaning to stop. Look! A small fish in the stream, secretly left the mother fish, surfaced to see this beautiful scene, suddenly made &qu "Unique Designed Arena Black Fitflop Comfortableot;一声,一大滴雨点打在它的头上,它吓得一头钻进水里,消失得无影无踪. "哈哈哈____哈哈哈____"咦?听,这是谁的笑声!噢,愿来是一群在雨中嬉戏的孩子们发出来的笑声,他们个个左手提鞋,右手提袜,绾着裤腿,在小巷子里踩雨呢!一个小孩"啪"的一声踩进水里,溅起了一朵半米多高的水花,水花落下时则好似喷泉里喷出来的水,水珠里回荡着孩子们欢快的笑声,"扑嗵"一声落进水洼里,漾出一圈圈涟漪—— 渐渐地,雨变得小了,太阳也重新露出了笑脸,池中的荷叶上滚动着雨滴,荷花变得更加妩媚优扬,公路旁的绿树也变得异常青翠,一只不知名的鸟儿正站在电线 On shaking his wet body, cheerful, pour out the bath after the rain! What a beautiful map of the rain!