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Thank you, teacher.
Thank you, teacher dear teacher: Hello the flight of time, ten years Time flies like a shuttle., blink away, now I’m a junior school student, looked at his experienced ten years of ups and downs, looking ahead, in every rough back, there is a silent figure, that is you. — — teacher! Yes, if you have been using an invisible force to support me, not to teach your hemDamen FitFlopMy brain will not be flexible to use, if not you, I will not even read an English language, and even an equation will not do, yeah! If not for your encouragement, now may be addicted to the plight of play. Looking at their own ups and downs behind, no one without you! Remember I read threeClogs FitFlopsGrade when, due to the deep understanding of English, so the final exam is a mess, my English grades have made my grades and in a complete mess, sharp decline, you see, spend the rest of their own time, just put my grades to balance your it off, but the teacher. Do you know? While you give me the tutorial in English, I can see your face and have experienced years of wind and frost has added a wrinkled, I saw a adds your sideburns, look at you that a head of silver hair, I like to see your teaching career is so hard, I seem to see your good intentions of students. “Historical records” on the record, a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime, but I feel in addition to parents, you are my closest relatives, thank you for your dedication to our teacher, too much, but we return you rarely, yeah! No matter what the teacher wants his students in the future can be successful in the official career, serve the progenitorTrainers sale FitFlopsCountry ah! However, when we are successful in the official career, your personal standing on the podium, past all alone. A piece of chalk and three feet platform work round the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, a pile of homework and widowed widowed eyes, three feet of the podium today, thousands of teachers and students, I write these lines, I hope you are not too tired, I hope you are not too hard, the teacher’s day, today, I wish you a happy holiday. Thank you for your good health and a happy holiday

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" rumbling ____" a dull thud rolling, like a general issued a decree, the rapid mobilization of the clouds. The gloomy day from all sides, like a big pot, the ground was shrouded in shadow. Suddenly, a glittering sword pierced the sky, suddenly cried all the clouds the sky. Beans rain as a brave paratrooper, one after another to jump down safely to the ground. The rain came " " underground, thousands on thousands of crystal " cracking " hit on the roof, the side of the road, the distance, pond Creek, although is misty in in the rain, but still can see the indistinct jade green color leaves and graceful lotus. In the rain, can hear the lark singing voice, singing it, like to tell people that nature is more rain ModyNew Fitflop Fleur Pale BronzeBeautiful. The rain continued to keep next, if there is no meaning to stop. Look! A small fish in the stream, secretly left the mother fish, surfaced to see this beautiful scene, suddenly made &qu "Unique Designed Arena Black Fitflop Comfortableot;一声,一大滴雨点打在它的头上,它吓得一头钻进水里,消失得无影无踪. "哈哈哈____哈哈哈____"咦?听,这是谁的笑声!噢,愿来是一群在雨中嬉戏的孩子们发出来的笑声,他们个个左手提鞋,右手提袜,绾着裤腿,在小巷子里踩雨呢!一个小孩"啪"的一声踩进水里,溅起了一朵半米多高的水花,水花落下时则好似喷泉里喷出来的水,水珠里回荡着孩子们欢快的笑声,"扑嗵"一声落进水洼里,漾出一圈圈涟漪—— 渐渐地,雨变得小了,太阳也重新露出了笑脸,池中的荷叶上滚动着雨滴,荷花变得更加妩媚优扬,公路旁的绿树也变得异常青翠,一只不知名的鸟儿正站在电线 On shaking his wet body, cheerful, pour out the bath after the rain! What a beautiful map of the rain!

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Harmony in the family

Every picture, every song, every place, because of the harmony and moved, because of harmony and eternal, because harmony makes people live forever. Harmonious letClog FitFlopPeople become approachable; harmonious let a person shine the light of humanity. Because only the harmony, to stop the war, let the infighting disappear, let an earth into a common home. Many people are in the pursuit of harmony, but I do not know when you use your heart to explore, harmony everywhere. It exists in most places, is the spiritual sustenance, love harbor — — home. As the saying goes: — — and. A home without harmony is not a home. And every common home, the place is always in harmony. Every day in the event, every day staged, every day for the contribution of the family. Every time you get up, you’re going to be working. Maybe the sound of things wake up your precious sleep, but when you listen carefully. You will find the voice and the father, mother is how to match, because it is not only the parents of the work of the sound, but also the sound of harmony. With this sound, every day you can eat delicious meals; can wear a vast white clothes; can be in a good mood to face the beginning of a new day; you can grow road paved with gold. Whenever you catacombs outside light, always inadvertently but just perfect in the dew. Then you do not have to be angry, because this is the harmonious light; this is the light of the sweat of their parents; this is a deep love of light. This ray of light, as if parents increasingly see the wrinkles, and as the head of a glittering and translucent white hair, but this is not important, it is important: This is how harmonious ah! May be as harmonious as the horizon, is expected to be not and; perhaps harmony is the nightFitFlop cheapestA beam of light, to illuminate the road ahead; perhaps harmonious like midnight Epiphyllum, one is gone; perhaps the harmony and the stars, such as sky everywhere; perhaps a harmonious Haoyue, spreading the glory of human nature. Harmony is very close, harmonious and very far. When you are looking for a big love, the first goal of harmony is “ home ”. Harmony in the family

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20 years later I
20 years later, I had a day, I phoned grandma. Go to the phone, dial the telephone number. There are two keys on the phone, one is the last key, a key is the future. I accidentally pressed the button. The sound of a future. “Hello, grandma…”… Before I finish, a middle-aged woman’s voice said: “I have so old? I’m only 33 years old! Who are you? “I look at my phone number, not wrong! I replied: “I am sorry, is Dayue, may be wrong”2014 Luna FitFlop“What, your name is Shang Dayue, I am also called Shang Shang. How old are you this year? “The thirteen year old.” I replied. “I am 33 years old this year, I am twenty years after you.” after twenty years of I, oh, I press the button next. I want to know the future I do, I can not wait to ask: my future, what are you doing what? What does it do? “I am now studying the mysterious black hole, I am an astronomer,” the future of my answer:Floretta Fitflop 2014 BlackLaarzen Heren timberland& SilverIs that study out? I am busy now, can I talk to you next time? “” good “”! “I am pleased to have agreed. After that, I would like to: anyway, after I was astronomer, now do not learn it doesn’t matter. Later, I can not concentrate on class, thinking all of my future is how to unlock the mystery of the black hole. This semester exam I shuangke are below 70 points. I call the same phone number again, press the same key. I asked the next phone I happily:” Shang Dayue, you developed a black hole puzzle? “Oh, don’t mention it, since the last time you talk, I always absent-minded, do not concentrate, has not yet developed.” suddenly, my face suddenly changed. “What, no study. You’re not astronomers? “Astronomers” what, when not to lay a good foundation in learning, or grow up without a single success. “” I’m to blame. I recently not listening to lectures, so that you become like this. In the future, I must study harder for the world to unlock more mystery. “I said firmly.” well, you can do! “From then on, I study hard. I must make a better achievement for the future. I am.20 years later.

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The choice of small rabbit

One day, a small rabbit’s mother gave five yuan to a small rabbit, so that he went to the store to buy sugar. The little rabbit jumping out of the house, very happy. Outside the sunny, warm spring breeze, there are a variety of flower fragrance in the air in the brewing, very comfortable. The little rabbit to hit several somersault in the green grass, the FitFlops shoes uk play a long time to get to the store. The little rabbit picked up a long time in front of the candy jar, pick out their most love sugar, it was prepared to pay. But touched pocket, money actually take wings to itself. Small rabbit feels all his pockets, or not. How can you lose? The rabbit thought, maybe his somersault fall out from his pocket money. Go back and look for it. Along the way, the little rabbit was staring at the ground, without any sign of any doubt, but all the way back to the grass or nothing. When is the rabbit suddenly become dejected and despondent, found a note in front of, wow! Found, small rabbit happy to pick up, a look carefully, the original is not lost their own: their own is five yuan, and this one is ten yuan. What should I do? “ I lost money, did not buy sugar, back home, my mother would certainly criticize me, if I want the money, not only bought back the sugar they like, but also the remaining five yuan of pocket money. ” “ no, I lost the money, will be criticized by her mother, others lost more money, certainly more than they worry. ” you want to the police uncle, the two ideas, in the rabbit heart don’t know toss about, decide on what path to follow. Little rabbit sitting on the grass in a daze. “ I picked up a penny in the street.Clearance sale uk FitFlopIt handed over to the police uncle. My uncle took the money, I put my head … … ” a pleasant voice came, the little rabbit suddenly jumped, I know how to do it. Little rabbit hopping gave the money to the police. Little rabbit to go back home, this thought motherBest price UK FitFlopsMom will be severely criticized him, but did not think my mother praised him, gave him the most love to eat meals, reward the rabbit shijinbumei. In front of the money over their own desires, made outstanding achievements in the field of moral examination. The choice of small rabbit

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Day dreaming in music class
When I was young, I like music very much. I really can’t wait to grow up and be a singer. One night, I was thinking about the dream again. In my dream, I became a real singer. I stand in the street, I saw on the road there is a car & ldquo; BMW & rdquo; cars, people wear clothes, see I am dazzled and overwhelmed. So, I was eager to find a job in a building. “ miss, do you need any help here? ” “ I Fitflop Via Urban White New here on the lack of a singer. ” “ Kazakhstan, zhenghewoyi, that miss, what time I come to work? &rdSale sandals FitFlopQuo; “ in the afternoon. ” “ thank you! ” “ bloom, bloom! ” in the afternoon, I came to work on time. The lady took me to the concert room, when I saw the director and musician singing room, then hurry up my heart. The director encouraged me not to panic, but also kindly asked me: “ Miss Han, I would ask you to sing the children sing it? ” I’m excited to say: “ will. & rdquo; to say that finish, I will sing up: & ldquo; little horse five feet long, climb down low & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; director busy called luthiers play the harp to, accompany me. I sing a song and a song, and even forget the work time. AfterFitflop Lunetta Pewter NewA few days, I just get ready to go to work, opened the door have many people come around for my signature, the original director to sing my song made faces record sent to all parts of the world to the. Ah, I did not expect to do the feeling is so good! The beauty of my “ Luo Luo Luo Luo ” the sound of laughter. Suddenly, my head was hit by a bit, I quickly rubbed his eyes with his hands, ah, so many eyes are staring at me. Oh, this is: The case is entirely cleared. original this is a dream in the music lesson I do ah! A beautiful dream. I want to study hard for my dream! To strive for an early dream come true! Day dreaming in music class

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Also I am a home
Stock FitFlops men sale many animals lived in a beautiful forest, birds, monkeys, squirrels, bears, peacocks and other, they happily in the forest, every day they Dadanaonao extremely happy. So happy for a long time. Suddenly one day, they had a quiet life was disrupted, many people came to their survival in the forest, began to cut down trees, to capture animals. With the passage of time, originally a lush forest into a desolate land, animals also have been forced to leave life many years of forest caught to the city sold. There is a bird because of the family’s protection, was not found in the hunter. I do not know how long to hide, hunters, workers, left the forest. The only bird that’s left to come out,UK outlet FitFlopIt took a look at the land of their own survival, the thought of brothers and sisters only left it a person, can not help but cry. Small bird cry cry cry, cry for a long time, until it was tired, want to drink water, just stopped crying. It flew to the forest of the small river, only to find the originally clear bottomed out, sweet and delicious water has become muddy, the river full of floating garbage, it is vomiting. The bird looked at the eyes of all, how to think this is a dream, a nightmare ah. But this is not a dream, but the reality, birdie just to stop the tears flow out of. It is very mindful of see one eye had homes, and wiped away the tears, to fly to the afar. Birds fly to another piece of the forest, but it just got here stunned — here have been destroyed and animal corpses everywhere, really is too horrible to look at. Bird could not bear to see this picture again, and flew away, but it will be once every place to be disappointed.Floretta Fitflop 2014 Brown & RedAnd it was destroyed. Bird until there is no hope, had to fly to the city, the city is not a tree, the bird has no energy to fly, and had to do a nest on the wire rod, living down. After a day, the blue sky is also polluted, there is no more fresh air. Finally one day, the bird can not hold on, it fell, his mouth still shouting; ” I have a home. ” it suddenly saw the beautiful home before it, and it went to the home. Also I am a home

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Rookes diary card [6]

Rookes diary card [6] (comes back to level 100 rookes defeated Kenpeide, got Kenpeide yuan.) Today, the weather is sunny, cloudless. I received a notice of Dr. pat heidr to star. I follow the guidelines to Dr. Patel heidr starClogs sale FitFlopsFirst floor。 There is no one I found on the ground before the icicles, and there are a few pieces of scales. I picked up the scales and looked up, and I told him my findings. Then the icicles hanging up, come out a level 80 of the elves, overreaching said: & ldquo; are you ready to accept my eternal frost. ” I said: “ then try it, see is you die or I die. ” I entered the battle system with it. On my first 100 flame orangutan continue to use after awakening, it took 2 times wrong turn ice column, I hang up. In the second roundMaple Sugar Whirl100 Rios has been using a prairie fire, a total of 4689 out of the blood, it took 3 times to second times after the wrong ice column hung. After the third round 100 Lisa cloth cloth golden leaves 2 times were deducted it 1530 blood, it uses the three ice wrong column, I the third hang. After the fourth round 100 buy comfortable and top quality cheap stock FitFlops sandals and stock FitFlops UK outlet sale. All styles and colours available in the official Fitflop boots online store. Ruth king has been the defense of the, six ice wrong column, I for the fourth time hanging. The fifth round Rey has been using instant thunder days after flash, a total of deducted 3461 blood, it uses the three ice wrong column, I the fifth hang. I say to it: “ here is the moment to witness the miracle. ” “ and when I use the card rookes spike burst pole. ” a fatal blow to buckle it 6952 drops of blood. I conquered it at last. Got it jingyuan. After I come back the Saier number, Dr. to me say & ldquo; forever. God of war, sure enough, a well deserved reputation, only once put it to dry. What do you say this boss is called? ” the doctor asked me. I said “ it lives in the icicle, call it —- Aaron. ” “ Aaron, the good name is called Aaron. ” and I laugh and dr.. The story behind the more exciting it. Rookes diary card [6]

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The Chinese Dream

All is quiet at dead of night。 In this All sounds are still. late at night, I can hear the invisible call, then gently dressing up, staring out the window. Clean and bright moonlight on the earth. Silent silence, I turn on the bedside lamp, sit quietly, fall into a reverie. At this moment, in the moonlight, how many people worry about the famous unknown Chinese fate, or hate? Qu Yuan is & ldquo; universally are voiced my only clear, everyone is drunk and I alone awake & rdquo; sigh, Du Fu’s & ldquo; the mountains and rivers broken in, the city of deep spring vegetation & rdquo; sorrow? Is not when the broken Hun Huo Yangtianchangtan, or Xin Qiji after the application against the Zionist hopelessness, endless sadness? Shear constantly, reason is still disorderly. Only the beautiful moonlight with me, let meFor men sale FitFlopsTour comfort. Cannot sleep! In the books caught a wild old “reader” by the light turnTiger California VIN 78 Herren OnitsukaRead, suddenly see an article about the Chinese dream, they read up. The article is difficult to understand. Read several times could not comprehend its connotation. So, put down the book, back up into the darkness. Suddenly, a glimmer of light crept into the window, climbed onto the bed and climbed into my heart. Go back to taste that article, can not help but click into place. To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is not the dream of each of us ordinary people? Great ChinaCHA CHA Red FitflopDream is not made up of every one of us dream? Once upon a time, our body and life are subject to a challenge from the black heart of the vendors, the security problem of China’s water, air and video often cause people’s thinking; for those not subject to constraints on the right and the waste, when to put them locked in the cage of the system? As long as we unite, unite as one, strive for the realization of the common dream, the power of the dream is immensely powerful, each of us as human to realize their dreams to have broad space. XX General Secretary said: the Chinese dream is the people’s dream in the final analysis. He said, “ to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, is to achieve national prosperity, national rejuvenation, the people happy. ” “ Chinese dream is a national dream, but also the dream of every Chinese. ” the Chinese dream will come true. The Chinese Dream

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The house is Indoorswoman
“ Oh, my daughter is too busy, my mother is too tired… ” “ stop, stop! And this sentence, I have listened to the n times! Mom, you work, you can’t stop talking, OK? ” I covered his ears, made a gesture of OK, asked the mother is mopping the floor. “ if you don’t help me with my work, I used to go on about? Do you like your father, always lazy! On the junior high school how a little progress are not? &rdqAir Max Nike 90 HerrenUo; mother with me. “ Oh, mom you still don’t equivocate! Say, what do you want me to buy? ” I impatiently asked mom, although this is the case, but the eyes are all eyes staring at iPad see. “ go to the supermarket! Sugar two jins, couple of pounds of salt, chicken essence two packs, sweet potatoes Ye Sijin…….” said the mother side chatter, my side in the palm of the hand on the flamboyant record with. I put on a cool jeans, a pair of cool shoes, trying to hold iPad out, mother has been interrupted: &ldquoSandals FitFlopsGo; go! Do not buy things to come back not to play your computer! & rdquo; I am angry puffed out her cheeks, the twinkling of an eye proud mother, eyes as if to tell mother: & ldquo; go, who afraid who. ” then go to the supermarket by car. “ hey, mom, this is not the place to bully me? Deliberately put all the things in the house to eat before I buy, so I bought a one-time so how do I get ah? & rdquo; managed to buy finished all the things. I stared at three big shopping bags stuffed with things, hate hate to play the foot soles of the feet of cans, biting her lower lip muttered. Well, I was going to do that now, I am a house2014 Xosa Brown FitFlopWoman? Forepaw just stepped into the house, seconds I hurriedly throw down all the things holding my iPad to watch my movie saw mother proud, leaving a face of helpless. Oh, no way, Indoorswoman is Indoorswoman, what can you do? The house is Indoorswoman

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