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我的家在Dragon car middle学。那里虽然没有泸县二中、泸州高中、清华北大等名校那么壮丽,也没有那么雄伟,但也算得上是绿树成荫、鸟语花香、风景优美!我就是喜欢它。一踏进校门你就会看到一面墙,墙上画着中学的地形图,墙的右面是几棵挺拔雄伟的大树,像几个巨人忠实地守护着Dragon car middle学。它们在慈祥的看着我们,不时好像在给我们招手呢。进了校们向前走,你会看到一座平房。我让你们猜猜:这是什么?哈哈!猜不到吧?还是让我来告诉你吧。这呀,是学校的食堂。里面干净、整洁,勤劳的工人们在这儿忙碌着。沿着左边的石梯往上走,你会看到一座高大的楼房,那就是教学楼。教学楼前有很多桂花树。桂花开时,那香味沁人心脾,另人神清气爽。教学楼里传来阵阵朗朗的读书声,你肯定会陶醉在这景象之中。同学们在这样良好的学习环境中学习、生活,一定很开心!站在教学楼上放眼望下,你可以看到几棵大樟树,茂盛的枝叶挤在一起组成了一个樟树林。远看就像一把大绿伞撑在那儿。夏天,同学们都纷纷到树林里乘凉呢。学校的周围是蔬菜园地,里面有各种各样的蔬菜。走进菜园,映入你眼帘的是一个荷花池,荷叶挨挨挤挤的,像一个个用碧玉做成的大玉盘。六月,荷花从这些大玉盘之间冒出来,好像一位位亭亭FitFlop Hooper sandals玉立的仙女站在河中。微风拂过,荷花好像下凡的仙女在欢快的翩翩起舞。旁边是一个鱼塘,里面的鱼自由自在的游动。鱼儿一日三餐有人喂,过着无忧无虑的生活。它们有时围在一起跳舞,有时在比赛游泳,有时在唱歌…… 你再向前走就是绿色的海洋了,那就是学校的蔬菜园。好了,不跟你们多说了。同学们,听了我的介绍,你们爱上这儿了吗?想到这儿来玩吗?Dragon car middle学欢迎您! 文章来源:下页更精彩1TwoThreeFourFitFlop udsalgFivenext pageDragon car middle学

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Granny’s little yellow dog

During the summer vacation, I went to my grandmother’s home and found a little yellow dog. The yellow dog is about one year old, with triangular ears that can hear the sound. Black eyes like two black stones inlaid in the eyes, twinkling eyes, nose wet, as if it had just been washed. When the mouth opened, it showed two sharp rows of teeth, reminiscent of its strength. Since I went to grandma’s house, with the puppy mixed ripe, this lazy yellow dog seemed to follow me, I go to that, it wagged his tail to it, like the shadow following me closely. Often like panting on the ground, spit tongue heat, I looked at the mess like, eating on the ground still some bones, it is a “ Liyudiaolongmen ” like with his teeth, lying on the ground, his forepaws hold the bones, slowly began to eat it is also, after eating, watching me, as if to say: “ I told you so long time, paid so little, unfair?! &rdquo: ha ha, the dog will also be paid, I think for a moment, the bowl of meat thrown out of the door, the yellow dog did not hesitate a moment, quickly jumped, bite, swallow, and satisfied with the other house to grab something to eat. I’ve been playing for some time. It’s time to go home. When I left the yellow dog pat on the head and said I should go, yellow dog barking “ “ call the two, her face a little regret, bowed his head, it seems to say: “ master, you have to go, take me with you? ” I shook my head. At this time, dad called me soon, I had to step back three boarded the car, goodbye to grandma in the car, goodbye to the yellow dog, yellow dog now facing forward, I guess it should catch up with the car, say goodbye to me. Sure enough, the car slowly started, yellow dog immediately catch up, head at this time YangAmazon FitFlopUp, shout: “ winter vacation, small master you must come, I’m waiting for you! ” the yellow dog struggled with all his strength and ran like mad. Finally, it has no strength, can not chase, had to “ whining &rdquFitFlop sandaler udsalgO; a few calls, dejected to go backFitFlop UK salesThe. I didn’t expect a dog to have such deep feelings. The yellow dog is so obedient. How can I not like it? Source address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiewu\/czzwzw\/1Four1Two10Five19Four1989Three98Five9Five0.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageGranny’s little yellow dog