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Harmony in the family

Every picture, every song, every place, because of the harmony and moved, because of harmony and eternal, because harmony makes people live forever. Harmonious letClog FitFlopPeople become approachable; harmonious let a person shine the light of humanity. Because only the harmony, to stop the war, let the infighting disappear, let an earth into a common home. Many people are in the pursuit of harmony, but I do not know when you use your heart to explore, harmony everywhere. It exists in most places, is the spiritual sustenance, love harbor — — home. As the saying goes: — — and. A home without harmony is not a home. And every common home, the place is always in harmony. Every day in the event, every day staged, every day for the contribution of the family. Every time you get up, you’re going to be working. Maybe the sound of things wake up your precious sleep, but when you listen carefully. You will find the voice and the father, mother is how to match, because it is not only the parents of the work of the sound, but also the sound of harmony. With this sound, every day you can eat delicious meals; can wear a vast white clothes; can be in a good mood to face the beginning of a new day; you can grow road paved with gold. Whenever you catacombs outside light, always inadvertently but just perfect in the dew. Then you do not have to be angry, because this is the harmonious light; this is the light of the sweat of their parents; this is a deep love of light. This ray of light, as if parents increasingly see the wrinkles, and as the head of a glittering and translucent white hair, but this is not important, it is important: This is how harmonious ah! May be as harmonious as the horizon, is expected to be not and; perhaps harmony is the nightFitFlop cheapestA beam of light, to illuminate the road ahead; perhaps harmonious like midnight Epiphyllum, one is gone; perhaps the harmony and the stars, such as sky everywhere; perhaps a harmonious Haoyue, spreading the glory of human nature. Harmony is very close, harmonious and very far. When you are looking for a big love, the first goal of harmony is “ home ”. Harmony in the family