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20 years later I
20 years later, I had a day, I phoned grandma. Go to the phone, dial the telephone number. There are two keys on the phone, one is the last key, a key is the future. I accidentally pressed the button. The sound of a future. “Hello, grandma…”… Before I finish, a middle-aged woman’s voice said: “I have so old? I’m only 33 years old! Who are you? “I look at my phone number, not wrong! I replied: “I am sorry, is Dayue, may be wrong”2014 Luna FitFlop“What, your name is Shang Dayue, I am also called Shang Shang. How old are you this year? “The thirteen year old.” I replied. “I am 33 years old this year, I am twenty years after you.” after twenty years of I, oh, I press the button next. I want to know the future I do, I can not wait to ask: my future, what are you doing what? What does it do? “I am now studying the mysterious black hole, I am an astronomer,” the future of my answer:Floretta Fitflop 2014 BlackLaarzen Heren timberland& SilverIs that study out? I am busy now, can I talk to you next time? “” good “”! “I am pleased to have agreed. After that, I would like to: anyway, after I was astronomer, now do not learn it doesn’t matter. Later, I can not concentrate on class, thinking all of my future is how to unlock the mystery of the black hole. This semester exam I shuangke are below 70 points. I call the same phone number again, press the same key. I asked the next phone I happily:” Shang Dayue, you developed a black hole puzzle? “Oh, don’t mention it, since the last time you talk, I always absent-minded, do not concentrate, has not yet developed.” suddenly, my face suddenly changed. “What, no study. You’re not astronomers? “Astronomers” what, when not to lay a good foundation in learning, or grow up without a single success. “” I’m to blame. I recently not listening to lectures, so that you become like this. In the future, I must study harder for the world to unlock more mystery. “I said firmly.” well, you can do! “From then on, I study hard. I must make a better achievement for the future. I am.20 years later.

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The choice of small rabbit

One day, a small rabbit’s mother gave five yuan to a small rabbit, so that he went to the store to buy sugar. The little rabbit jumping out of the house, very happy. Outside the sunny, warm spring breeze, there are a variety of flower fragrance in the air in the brewing, very comfortable. The little rabbit to hit several somersault in the green grass, the FitFlops shoes uk play a long time to get to the store. The little rabbit picked up a long time in front of the candy jar, pick out their most love sugar, it was prepared to pay. But touched pocket, money actually take wings to itself. Small rabbit feels all his pockets, or not. How can you lose? The rabbit thought, maybe his somersault fall out from his pocket money. Go back and look for it. Along the way, the little rabbit was staring at the ground, without any sign of any doubt, but all the way back to the grass or nothing. When is the rabbit suddenly become dejected and despondent, found a note in front of, wow! Found, small rabbit happy to pick up, a look carefully, the original is not lost their own: their own is five yuan, and this one is ten yuan. What should I do? “ I lost money, did not buy sugar, back home, my mother would certainly criticize me, if I want the money, not only bought back the sugar they like, but also the remaining five yuan of pocket money. ” “ no, I lost the money, will be criticized by her mother, others lost more money, certainly more than they worry. ” you want to the police uncle, the two ideas, in the rabbit heart don’t know toss about, decide on what path to follow. Little rabbit sitting on the grass in a daze. “ I picked up a penny in the street.Clearance sale uk FitFlopIt handed over to the police uncle. My uncle took the money, I put my head … … ” a pleasant voice came, the little rabbit suddenly jumped, I know how to do it. Little rabbit hopping gave the money to the police. Little rabbit to go back home, this thought motherBest price UK FitFlopsMom will be severely criticized him, but did not think my mother praised him, gave him the most love to eat meals, reward the rabbit shijinbumei. In front of the money over their own desires, made outstanding achievements in the field of moral examination. The choice of small rabbit