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Day dreaming in music class
When I was young, I like music very much. I really can’t wait to grow up and be a singer. One night, I was thinking about the dream again. In my dream, I became a real singer. I stand in the street, I saw on the road there is a car & ldquo; BMW & rdquo; cars, people wear clothes, see I am dazzled and overwhelmed. So, I was eager to find a job in a building. “ miss, do you need any help here? ” “ I Fitflop Via Urban White New here on the lack of a singer. ” “ Kazakhstan, zhenghewoyi, that miss, what time I come to work? &rdSale sandals FitFlopQuo; “ in the afternoon. ” “ thank you! ” “ bloom, bloom! ” in the afternoon, I came to work on time. The lady took me to the concert room, when I saw the director and musician singing room, then hurry up my heart. The director encouraged me not to panic, but also kindly asked me: “ Miss Han, I would ask you to sing the children sing it? ” I’m excited to say: “ will. & rdquo; to say that finish, I will sing up: & ldquo; little horse five feet long, climb down low & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; director busy called luthiers play the harp to, accompany me. I sing a song and a song, and even forget the work time. AfterFitflop Lunetta Pewter NewA few days, I just get ready to go to work, opened the door have many people come around for my signature, the original director to sing my song made faces record sent to all parts of the world to the. Ah, I did not expect to do the feeling is so good! The beauty of my “ Luo Luo Luo Luo ” the sound of laughter. Suddenly, my head was hit by a bit, I quickly rubbed his eyes with his hands, ah, so many eyes are staring at me. Oh, this is: The case is entirely cleared. original this is a dream in the music lesson I do ah! A beautiful dream. I want to study hard for my dream! To strive for an early dream come true! Day dreaming in music class