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The house is Indoorswoman
“ Oh, my daughter is too busy, my mother is too tired… ” “ stop, stop! And this sentence, I have listened to the n times! Mom, you work, you can’t stop talking, OK? ” I covered his ears, made a gesture of OK, asked the mother is mopping the floor. “ if you don’t help me with my work, I used to go on about? Do you like your father, always lazy! On the junior high school how a little progress are not? &rdqAir Max Nike 90 HerrenUo; mother with me. “ Oh, mom you still don’t equivocate! Say, what do you want me to buy? ” I impatiently asked mom, although this is the case, but the eyes are all eyes staring at iPad see. “ go to the supermarket! Sugar two jins, couple of pounds of salt, chicken essence two packs, sweet potatoes Ye Sijin…….” said the mother side chatter, my side in the palm of the hand on the flamboyant record with. I put on a cool jeans, a pair of cool shoes, trying to hold iPad out, mother has been interrupted: &ldquoSandals FitFlopsGo; go! Do not buy things to come back not to play your computer! & rdquo; I am angry puffed out her cheeks, the twinkling of an eye proud mother, eyes as if to tell mother: & ldquo; go, who afraid who. ” then go to the supermarket by car. “ hey, mom, this is not the place to bully me? Deliberately put all the things in the house to eat before I buy, so I bought a one-time so how do I get ah? & rdquo; managed to buy finished all the things. I stared at three big shopping bags stuffed with things, hate hate to play the foot soles of the feet of cans, biting her lower lip muttered. Well, I was going to do that now, I am a house2014 Xosa Brown FitFlopWoman? Forepaw just stepped into the house, seconds I hurriedly throw down all the things holding my iPad to watch my movie saw mother proud, leaving a face of helpless. Oh, no way, Indoorswoman is Indoorswoman, what can you do? The house is Indoorswoman