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I appreciate that there are only 3 “positive” words.

Mukluk FitFlopTo share with their friends and their own sorrow and dissatisfaction, so that all the sadness away, from time to time to understand the truth of the truth, in a time of sharing and talk to strengthen the friendship. On that day the weather is fine, I walk on the way home, is playing a small stone, but the small stone I see more and more feel like a “ is ” word, I am very angry, kick it2014 DUE Fitflop PATENT Sandals RedInto the stream. Stream flow, the birds singing, this is so pleasant voice, but I feel they are laughing at me: “ ha ha ha, only 3 votes, 3 votes Oh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ” I suddenly feel that everything in the world is like a “ is ” word, only 3 of the “ is ” word! I returned home to cry, to the doorstep, Nie Nie Ying up, she saw my face wet with tears, asked me: & ldquo; Nini, what’s wrong? ” I said with tears: “ today they elected captain, I have only 3 votes, while Lin Lin had 31 votes, I lost. ” Nie Nie thought, said to me: “ Nini, you want to know why you didn’t get what. Since you a was selected as captain, your attitude to the students is changed, this is what you do, you can command others to do, not yell at them. You become lazy, do not unite students. You say, so you, even if the big captain, and what is the meaning? ” listen to Nie Nie’s words, I suddenly wake up. Yes, since the last time I was elected captain, it is no longer like themselves, become lazy, do not unite the students. So I really do not deserve to be big captain. My heart is not fast and soon disappeared. I looked at the sky, feel everything much more clearer, than before, the better I wiped away the tears, cheer up, strive for a captain. Is this time defeated, I understand some truth; it is this time defeated, let me know what kind of talent is welcome. I thank the election this time, IStar High Tops Converse AllThanks to the Nie Nie that the remarks, I thank this time captain students did not choose me, and I thank the only 3 pens & ldquo; positive & rdquo; words. I appreciate that there are only 3 “positive” words.