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I long for success
Some people desire to be free, because free life is a free and easy life. Some people are eager to fly, because it can clearly see the wonders of the world, let a person have a full pleasure…… But I do not think like you, I want to succeed, because I think the feeling of success is the world’s most beautiful enjoyment, it can give me a kind of force from the birth of the urge to make me brave to go forward. Life is just like is in climbing a steep mountain. Here, however, only two roads to choose from, or is like mountain surrender, then you are doomed to failure. The road to success is away from you, and farther, it can only far look at you go from the side walk, only to permanentPietra silver FitFlopDisappeared. Another is to fight against the mountains toSale FitFlopAt the end, never give up. Choose this path, they will always face a smile, know the other side of success. So I long for success. I long for success, eager to succeed in the examination of time and time again. Because success can give my power, so I can make persistent efforts, not to be intimidated by the exam. At this time, I can be confident, brave and strong toward the front to go. At this time the feeling of success is beautiful. I long for success, eager to be successful in a try. Because a lot of people because of their first failure and become very do not believe in themselves, feel that they are very incompetent, even if you can not even try. So I want to be successful in the attempt, it can let me say goodbye to melancholy, bid farewell to worry. And find a new self. At this time the feeling of success is happy. I long for success, and desire to succeed in the challenge of time and time again. Because it has been named I have successfully accepted the challenge, and very good to complete the challenge. And thus will not be afraid of the difficulties of the followingMules FitFlopContinued to create more brilliant. Let me become more excellent, more substantial. At this time the feeling of success is proud of. I want to succeed, success is the pursuit of our lives, who do not want their own lives at all times can make success around you, always with your side. The feeling of success is beautiful, is happy, is proud of….. This is a desire to succeed me!! I long for success

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For their own dreams
The dream of everyone China I always have a dream, the dream is human good things for a vision and desire, dream is the source of power, will let you constantly struggle, inspire you to success. My dream is to become a world travelers. My favorite book is “around the world in 80 days”, speaking in Chinese is the master public Fokker and friends bet and spent 80 days around a week’s story, I was fascinated by Mr Fogg’s experience, so I began to dream of to be a traveler in the future. I want to go to the vast Knorchin prairie, enjoy the sky and grassland there; I want to go to the mystical Bermuda Triangle, unlock the mystery there; I want to go to the desert of Sahara desert, experience the feeling of the sun. As a traveler, certainly needWalkstar FitFlopsTo communicate with people from other countries along the way. Both understand human customs or ask for directions and can say a fluent English is very important, so now I have to work hard to learn English well, in the future in the journey can communicate with more people. In the field trip, sometimes lost, if you don’t have enough knowledge to survive in the wild is certainly not. If there is a nearby magnetic ore or ore, your compass will lose its role, in this case, you can only nature’s natural beacon, Polaris, the North Star, tree rings and leaf density in order to help you to identify the direction, also need to learn to look at the map, master meteorological situation, understand the navigation, seaFitFlopsTsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons and other knowledge, so I must learn scientific knowledge now. When you need to travel, travel expenses, I also want to stress and can help the people who need help, but I am stillFitFlops sale uk bootsNo money. For this dream, I think I must study hard now, admitted to the ideal university, has a good occupation or entrepreneurial future. Traveling, I will use the beautiful scenery of the camera, written under the happy mood. I realized my dream, I can share these beautiful pictures and happy words, I will book and do a beautiful display. Perhaps the dream is really far away, but in order to realize their dreams, I will strive to. I will try to write my life, I will strive to achieve the dream of life. For their own dreams

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My writing dream
My writing dream since I read Yang Hongying wrote “laugh Cat Diary”, then there is an idea, I want to be like aunt Yang Hongying as the writing of the talent, my dreamRoma sandals FitFlopIs writing. Read the “laugh Cat Diary”, the understanding of the aunt Yang Hongying not only created a “laugh Cat Diary” series, but also wrote the “naughty little jump series”Slippers sale FitFlopsAnd the fifth class bad boy “, I found that Aunt Yang Hongying write book funny is more interesting: my tears watching the kittens are born in secret cave”, laughing to be read the secret paradise of children, my favorite cat laugh. Each book laughing cat can bring me a different happy, like a smile on his face. If I have a aunt Yang Hongying that talent for writing, that I will write some books like “Laughing Cat Diary” is as interesting, let the kids have a happy childhood. I will write some brain development of the book, let the children find the fun at the same time can increase their knowledge. Yes, my dream is to write a lot of interesting and can increase the knowledge of the book! I want to be a writer, I have a lot of a lot of creative techniques, such as the “cat’s diary,” adapted into a “laugh dog diary”, such a change is worth a try, I do not know what the effect of such a modification? I really can not imagine, perhaps the reader with the past as the laughing dog to see, then you are wrong, I will smile and the cat is completely different from the cat, their owners are not the same. If I really like aunt Yang Hongying, then I grow up to be a veryRebel FitFlopThe great writer, thinking of the time, even in my dream, I often become a writer of the figure. I know now their achievement is not very good, so we must to put up the results, in the future it will have the ability like aunt Yang Hongying wrote a lot of books, I saw around a lot of students all like aunt Yang Hongying write books, which gave my future dream a lot of confidence, I grow up I’ll be aunt Yang Hongying’s successor, I want to will her funny, education and continue to pass on. I must insist on my dream do not give up, I hope my father and mother, my teacher, my classmates are able to support me.