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Wake up & #8226; practice
“ &hellip … ” time; I manipulate small aircraft Park was awfully in the sky. Nowadays, China’s powerful military standard, technology standard already exceeds that of the United States, has become a well deserved No.1! Superb aerospace technology, all types of aircraft as a means of transport into thousands of households, even amusement park are equipped with a small plane to those of us at the beginning of school children entertaining. Although a large population, but did not bother smart Chinese. Following the “ God ten ” after the successful launch, the spacecraft became popular, the moon, Mars became a resort. This is not, just two or three years, I have been to three or four times! With the international statusLounge FitFlopThe lead, Chinese has become an international common language, the university has opened a language class, even the earth, the moon and Mars call between the Chinese are the first choice! I’m so proud of my Chinese! Is to meet with … … “ the sun is up, don’t get up! & rdquo; is mom wake I sat up and rubbed his eyes, Leng a long time just return to God & mdash; & mdash; originally is the dream. But the dream is so clear. The sun shines upon me, and I am in a long time. How can we make our country more prosperous? Who can lead the country to a higher peak? The answer is only one, it can only be one, that is — — only we learn knowledge, learned enough knowledge, to help the motherland to create more brilliant. canBrown Flower Type FitFlopHow can we do it? rememberRock Chic With Diamond Pieces Navy Blue FitflopThe usual behavior, my face can not help tiny red, heart a flash of sparks & mdash; & mdash; study hard, every day should not empty words, from a daily routine to start: do not be late, do not leave early, to comply with discipline in the classroom, listening carefully, and actively participate in sports activities & hellip; & hellip; water can also merged into a river, the accumulation of knowledge. Action, practice “ China dream ” is to start from the accumulation of a bit!