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My Chinese dream
My Chinese dream Gaochun District Second Middle School (12) class Li Huige a studentShoes for women FitFlopNation of life,2014 FitFlop Diamond Sandal Black NewA ndelible spirit, a heart full of dreams. & mdash; inscription, opened the national book, open the memory gate, the pages of records of the Chinese nation. In the past, with a pleasant, but also the desolate, from theTHE SKINNY Beige FitflopA dynasty to the present of the Chinese nation, the bumpy road is still fresh in my memory. Remember this historic moment in October 1, 1949? On that day, the new China was founded, we wash away how many years of pain, how many years of hardships, the number of years is not easy. Dear Prime Minister Zhou Enlai has been full of the dream of the young people “ for the rise of the Chinese nation and reading ”. Is this just the dream of a man of prime minister Zhou Enlai? This is the whole of the Chinese name, the pursuit of. The young swimmer Sun Yang every day to practice swimming, not afraid of hard work from dawn to night, finally, to round out his Olympic dream. China Olympic Games, Shi Bo, chang e two successfully launched a deep in people’s hearts. Each nation has a legend, each person has a dream of their own country. “ young people should have the courage to have a dream ” this is the president of the XX said, this sentence let me have a desire to dream, and I hope that one day can become a rural teacher, in the mountains to teach children to read and write. Diffuse around the secular habits in the environment, rural teachers still stick to the heart of indifferent and elegant. Millions of rural teachers, do not complain about the houses of simple, no complain about wages low, did not abandon their poverty, just quietly stick, stick to even without the three feet from the rostrum of the podium. Guardian of the country’s children’s future. These are the impact of my young mind, also determined my dream. With the dream of a struggle, the dream in my mind lit a lamp in the dark, guiding my whereabouts. I want to work hard to learn knowledge, to try to achieve my dream, the Chinese dream, my dream. Let us raise the dream of wings, flying! — — XX-5-23.

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China Dream;Chinese dream
ChineseRock Chic Coffee FitflopIn the heart there will always be a dream, &mdash, &mdash, strong, and become rich. Become stronger by the generation of Deng Jiaxian, a great man, and become rich by Deng Xiaoping et al. But now, China and with what? What the Chinese want is trust and quality. Now, each and every family is Chinese too well, but people always think less of what. With less trust, the trust between people is getting lower and lower. China has lacked the unity between human and human. Changing the status quo is “ the Chinese dream ”. But this “ dream ” in the final analysis, or with the quality of the people. Between people and rigid because some liar rampant and become so. A country lack of trust between people and people, and also lessFitFlop shoes AmazonResultant force. Not to mention “ build the future &rdquo. Chinese people’s dream is “ trust ”. National nature wants to raise “ national quality &rdquo. What is it? The so-called “ &rdquo. We want “ ” — —. But it is essential to popularize quality education, especially those of us junior high school students. The Chinese people to be stronger, no cooperation, where stronger? The new society has made it difficult for people to eat, the Chinese people have been caught in the plight of — — the cohesion of a nation once disappeared, everything is empty talk. Who does not love his country? “ ” what is it? Who also said not to do. China needs too much! But at present, the most need to force. Break the ice mirror heart is not easy, because mirror to heart dust too long. So it’s not a simple thing to do. Chinese takes sixty years to complete the development of people two hundred years, how strong! But today, China is planted in their own liar let people become barriers, coupled with the Chinese traditional culture, strange not to feel insecure! How to implement? How to achieve? Chinese step at the edge of the cliff, the so-called dream, but let people go go forward with great strength and vigour! Come on! ISandals UK FitFlopLove china!