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My Chinese dream
Chinese still is a developing country, it is because the per capita is too small, although China vast territory and abundant resources, butFitFlop sale cloggsIs the land of resources is also a small change, I really want to change this all how to change it, but to improve the efficiency of China’s development. Ancient food, mostly rice, wheat, yield due to weather and decided, and hundreds of years, people invented greenhouse cultivation, increased production, enable China to move toward the world, then later, Yuan Longping invention of hybrid rice, his use of heterosis to improve the yield and quality of agricultural products, once again enhance the food production, once again improve the per capita, now, people have more grain techniques and methods, for example, soilless cultivation and pot culture, two kinds of methods can reflect the science and technology of China shrunk. In order to change this, I decided that I would never waste my food and never let anyone else waste my food. China now has not only improved the output of agriculture, but also gradually reduced the number of people. Now the number of people is a little bit of the reduction, it is because China’s basic policy: family planning. Although China has a large population base, reduce the need to for hundreds of years, but that a little bit of the population also reduces, and getting smaller and smaller, there is always a day that a bit of population decrease after, the population is up in the small, persistent, China’s population will indeed reduce, per capita will & ldquo; sou & rdquo; lift up. As the saying goes, boySale USA FitFlopStrong in China, rely on these technologies can only be fundamentally put up, only rely on the tireless efforts of young people, only then has the opportunity to make China become a real power, I as a teenager again to you declared, other countries of the juvenile in end of such a look at our jokes, but we must not be underestimated. Once again become the sick man of East Asia. If China is really strong, their hope is that we, the children of this group of young people, who have learned biology, this is the heredity, if we do not work hard, then the son is not the godfather of the,Clearance FitFlopThose words will come to be borne by the Chinese, rather than you, and the rise of China effort! I want to say is, not a sick man of East Asia, and fu.