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My Chinese dream
I dream of China from ancient times to the prosperous period of Han and Tang Dynasty, the new China was founded to the return of Hong Kong and Macao, from the & ldquo; Shenzhou & rdquo; God to the Olympic dream & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; through the years long river, history bit by bit like scattered on the bottom of pearl, soFitFlops pietraThe dazzling. These, without exception, to show the Chinese nation has become increasingly prosperous, and a prosperous country will have a common belief, a common dream, the dream is everyone’s dream! Although I am just a ordinary middle school students, but, I also have my dream. When I was young, I had a naive dream of — — — — to be a writer. I think a lot of people have had such a dream. Just as time went by, it gradually faded from the memory, or was forced to give up. However, I do not. Writers are not a great job, but I just like the feeling of walking in the sea of words, it is relaxed, very happy. I do not love to express in words, but I like to sit quietly and think about what I think.For sale FitFlop, through word expression. I dream of becoming a writer, thinking that a famous writer like Mo Yan. I want to use the wonderful language, depicting the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, the epic scene. I want to use the text outline touch one deeply in the heart, Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake disaster. I want to use the blood, please spillFitFlops redMy love for my country. I would like to use their own style, such as the beauty of people about the Great Wall magnificent, palace style, mountains spectacular and Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes. This is my Chinese dream. But once I had a dream, I could only talk about it. So I believe, diligence will become great. I have a dream, but also a Chinese dream. China is trying to revive the dream, we are working for the second. If Chinese is the sea, we are just a drop of water. Dream of a dream, although it is the dream of the whole of China, but we should have a dream. Otherwise, what is the dream of the revival of dreams? My dream, it is the Chinese dream; the Chinese dream, is my dream.