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plush book review

“Hairy” The first and second chapter written a long time ago, in an almost circular ruins Regrettably, there lived an eight-year-old little girl, her father and mother did not, nor could love her grandparents
She was alone, she was accompanied by piano only crickets, frogs to comfort her lonely soul 0026 hellip; she had nothing to earn a living by picking up waste.

One day unique stylish fitflop rokkit attractive unique deep blue, a group of well-meaning people found her, they not only did not put her away, but also to help her build up a beautiful, cozy little house, and often send something to eat.
Her as their friend, what fun things are not happy and she said, to talk to her, and hairy like to listen to their story.

Plush living alone in the ruins, no one cares about her, no one loved her, without a stable life, nor have the kids had some joy and happiness.
And she and I compared the difference is really ah!

I was in school there motherly earnest teacher to teach and help us learn happily like a bird.
There are grandparents love at home, Mom and Dad’s care, is the home of the apple.
I love them for it with a saying: that is afraid of in your mouth, and fear fell in my hands.
Life at home is simply fitflop lounge clothing to hand out food to mouth to describe.
Sometimes really is in addition to the moon, as long as I requested they will say yes.
To the holidays, they will go with me to the rest of the tour, I bathed in the fresh air, to fully enjoy nature brought joy on my body and mind.
For me to fully develop, dad fitflop fiorella dad gave me the Children’s Palace in Hangzhou signed up for dance classes and extracurricular organ classes every weekend to accompany me to school.
Now I’ve learned to dance, will be playing, school life is really colorful!
And this is not even imagined plush life, maybe a pile of stones, a blade of grass, a small butterfly can let her spend the day time, so she contented, more time she might want to consider is
Her lunch or dinner tomorrow.
Plush tenacious, optimistic spirit is worthy of my learning!
And I’m a little a little pain a little itch in your life, you will quarrel will be trouble, let the adults have a bad break, encountered some difficulties would flinch learning, irritability.
Thought here, think again hairy, I also feel blush.

Another advantage of plush 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; very good at listening to others tell.
Some might say: 0026 ldquo; cough!
Well not that listening to others, who are not ah!
0026 Rdquo; if you say so, it would be wrong to listen is an art, to concentrate, to be compassionate.
Plush do, listen carefully because of her, let those who have lost direction and indecision suddenly clear goals, so shy person suddenly felt the courage and strength!
And those unfortunate people who have become depressed mood cheerful and confident!

In contrast, our lives today is really happy it!
We should learn to cherish the happy life, to make a confident, strong and caring person.

Chad fitflop red

Avanti story featured book review

Avanti mentioned, humming a little song, riding a donkey’s Xinjiang uncle had come back in my eyes.
Liangpie 0026 ldquo; character 0026 rdquo; Hu, small almost invisible eyes, scarf wrapped around his head, looks to make people feel laughing.

A references justice, courage, wisdom incarnate.
He seemingly ordinary, but it has different from the ordinary wit.
Avanti cartoon child read the story, then they only know how to see a joke, every time I see Avanti with unusual wisdom helped the weak, the Bahia classic angry grimace was speechless when
I’ll laugh.
Now, with this book, I began to follow along to learn about the customs of the Avanti country.

There is a story to make me forget.
Avanti and several businessmen admitted to a 0026 ldquo; tomorrow, not money 0026 rdquo; the inn, a few people are happy.
Can be had for a day, the boss has confidently said: 0026 ldquo; tomorrow, do not want money, or want money today!
0026 Rdquo; see here, other people are very angry, and I Cha Cha injustice.
Avanti leisurely but can continue to eat and drink in this shop, always take the 0026 ldquo; tomorrow checkout 0026 rdquo; to stall boss.
Finally, the boss had to 0026 ldquo; tomorrow, not money 0026 rdquo; into a 0026 ldquo; Today does fitflops best price for money 0026 rdquo ;.
See here, I was completely Avanti wisdom 0026 ldquo; beat 0026 rdquo; a.

Sometimes, by virtue of their wisdom Avanti umpire, so another one would have discouraged people to re-see hope; and let another one unscrupulous person rehabilitation.
Through this book, I understand the addition of Avanti, Avanti just before I just think with his clever to let the bad guys, the wicked fool.
Now, I also found him a very valuable Avanti quality worthy of our study, it is selfless.
His selflessness is not only to help others without asking for anything, is also reflected in the others stab him, he did not pursue revenge, but tolerant understanding, in all earnestness to tell him the true value of life.
So that 0026 ldquo; the prisoners 0026 rdquo; after moving, re-understanding of their own, which is more effective than punishment.

This book is impressive, it is a language with a big laugh about the profound truth to the people, is a rare books, I even behind it!