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2055 年 book review

2055 is kind of how it?
Future world made me curious.
Curiosity I quickly read the “2055” This book, the book’s plot and some 2014 fitflop bow blue make me excited, longing, surprise, and some made me feel ashamed, fear, fear.

This book is written by a man named 徐若宣, avalanche misfortune to travel when he was buried in the snow.
After 45 years, was a doctor thaw, and when he woke up and found that humans do not wear clothes, spray a cover can also protect the body can also warm cream, how convenient ah!
Human transport is no longer lined with car exhaust, but Saturn boat.
Now do not cure terminal illness, can be cured in 2055, and people are not afraid of the disease, which is a happy thing ah!

Developed scientific people happy, it makes sad.

2055 hospital can do the soul transfer surgery.
Make newborn baby talk, can take advantage of a young man’s body so that the elderly become young and beautiful, this is how frightening ah!
2055 of the world, the mysterious Crescent Bay, strange Molecular gastronomy, scary allogeneic human 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; I really phenomenal men can answer.

If we uncontrolled waste resources and pollute the environment irresponsibly, the future will be a terrible world! Huan no bird calls, no Cacalia bouncing sound, no rooster calls, no fish playful figure 0026 bull
; 0026 bull; 0026 bull; 0026 bull; 0026 bull; 0026 bull; is in this strange environment, Xu Ruoxuan virtue of their courage and wisdom, experience hardships eventually returned to his hometown.
He had repeatedly shaken, and there have been many regrets, there have been many back, but just a belief has been accompanied him, so he is convinced that as long as they adhere to, eventually, a dream come true.

I wanted anything as long as they adhere disdain, dreams will be achieved.
Flute in my efforts, through months of study and practice, won the five outstanding; eight hundred meters run, after my summer practice, will be able to get rankings in the Games next year; although the writing is my weakness,
But I still want to efforts to change themselves, it ceases to be my weakness 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; if we continue, I would like, 0026 ldquo; grew up to be scientists, 0026 rdquo; this dream will be realized in a few years later.

Similarly, as long as we work together to care for our homes and maintaining ecological balance, respect for the laws of nature.
And adhere to disdain to love, I think 2055 will definitely not fitflop aztek chada slide urban white will appear disaster described in the book.

Let us work together for the dream work!

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read Langya Five Heroes felt 400 words

A few days ago, and we learned a teacher led “Langya Five Heroes,” the lesson, when I read this text, my tears in his eyes, because five strong position in order to protect people and the main
troops, had his own life and death leave, firmly and decisively lead the enemy on the road to ruin, sacrificed himself to protect the others, this spirit of self-sacrifice can not help people touched by it?

Since ancient times, China’s emergence of a lot of good people, no matter what the difficulties and obstacles they never thought was not himself, but to others, they are not much danger fitflop clearance on the living, and are promoting TV drama
the spirit of self-sacrifice.

I remember it was in May 2008 navy fitflops12 day, there was a sudden Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province earthquake.
Dramatic collapse swallowed calm campus.
When disaster strikes, there are only 29 years old, a young teacher, Zhang was in a good position to escape, but he quickly retreated behind the podium, directing students to evacuate, bricks, gravel, cement blocks pouring down, change the classroom door
out of shape and could not afford increasing pressure, seeing the door of life will turn off, Kuashang Qu Zhang a stride, with burly body against the door frame, more than 40 children escaped the doom of death.
But the relentless cement brick smashed down, Zhang was collapsed ruins engulfed.
He put students wish to leave their students, the doom of death for herself.
Teacher like him and many, they are the new era of 0026 ldquo; Langya Five Heroes 0026 rdquo; ah!
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We must cherish the peace and happiness of the good life today, learn five warrior spirit of sacrifice, always thinking about people’s noble qualities.
Learning on the road again, we must not afraid of difficulties, the courage to delve into the future of the motherland to do a useful person.