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read “trumpet swan” felt

Can you imagine how a swan does not emit sound like?
How does it do with the fate of the fight?
World So let me take you into the book, and the little one to feel its swan fate trip.

This book tells the story of a named Louis fitflop women uk Adams cob born dumb, but it did not give life.
Go to school to learn to write, but unfortunately it can not read the beloved swan.
To help Louis, Swan father went up a musical instrument store stolen trumpet.
Louis practicing hard, but the stolen trumpet always be its mind.
So it is to make money playing the trumpet in the country, has finally paid off the account.
Miss Swan blowing its beloved heart fitflop roma sandals at the end of the song, not only won the music of his beloved Miss Swan’s heart, also won the people’s respect and admiration.

After listening to the story above, you can imagine how Lewis is with the fate of the fight it?
It is so self-improvement, despite the difficulties ah!
It not only did not yield a priori, but defeated, overcome it.
men brown dass

Contrast that there are birth defects of Little Swan, while the body without defects me that I should work harder to achieve their dreams.
Grandpa said the great rejuvenation of learning is the greatest dream of the People.
Each person should have their own dreams, my dream is that when biologists.
I want to study renewable technologies have animals transplanted into humans.
In order to make the loss of limbs or limbs no longer suffering, like a normal life.

0026 Ldquo; young idler, an old beggar 0026 rdquo ;, I should start now to try, I want to persevere when the biologist’s dream.
Make their living more meaningful, so that their lives become more powerful glory, for the realization of 0026 ldquo; China Dream 0026 rdquo; building blocks.

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Magic School Bus book review

” Magic School Bus ” yes yes American chemist who won the Nobel Prize Cole , it is difficult to imagine that chemists can write a comic book for children to see .
He Cole child’s favorite way to speak of scientific knowledge , let us enjoy reading and learning cloggs fitflops , so we have accumulated a lot of astronomy , geography, and other wealth of knowledge .

” Magic School Bus ” This book is the most magical school bus , it is unpredictable, can become a submarine , to lead the students to undersea adventure ; it can turn into a spaceship , to the solar system ; it can convert into a space-time machine
, to the knowledge of the world of dinosaurs dinosaurs …… only you think , does not it become unsuccessful .

Can control the magical car , naturally, only magical person , Floris teacher is the most I’ve seen strange teacher, where she wanted to go where school classes, but also always wear some strange clothes , speaking knowledge of the solar system
she would wear with white clouds and the Japanese pattern of clothes , with sun earrings ; biology class , she would wear matching clothes …… there are bees , fitflops mens sale of her lecture is also very special,
where she talked about where to fly , the teachers Floris very special way , speaking of knowledge on bees to the hive , about the weather on the sky , about knowledge is power to the motor plant in …..

Magic school bus brought me to take the non-poor scientific knowledge inexhaustible .
For example, water is the result of a procedure : precipitation 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; filter 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; purification 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; chemicals , after many procedures , we drink clean water up ; the weather changes learned Hurricane
consisting of ; an integral part of the various organs of the body and organs in the body’s internal division and its importance ; category , offshore natural state of marine life , and even more funny is that the hot springs ; it is worth mentioning that the climate, global warming
is a natural situation , making the snow and ice melt, sea level rise, the weather is changeable , it will cause a lot of natural disasters ; the Earth’s crust from the mantle until the composition of the Earth’s core ; wonderful peak nest so I understand the types of bees , they
the daily wonders ; lost in the solar system, let me know from the sun is Mercury Recently , it was like the moon, no water, the air is thin , the second from the sun is near Venus , Venus is all cloudy, third from the sun
near Earth is our daily , followed by Mars, there is no life on Mars , but there are polar glaciers, volcanoes , fitflop aztek chada slide urban white canyon and river , followed by Jupiter , Jupiter’s big , you can put down one thousand Earth
is the largest planet in the solar system , and then followed by Saturn , which is the most beautiful planet in the solar system 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

I really like this book because it is not only interesting , but there are many wonderful scientific knowledge, but also well absorbed , well understood, this book has brought me a lot of help , one day , I would like to take on a magical
school bus travel to different places .