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Rickshaw pink fitflops book review , book review 800 words Rickshaw

Open “Camel ” This book is the first to see Shoko did wrong, no smoking, no drinking, no gambling, Huniu very reasonable thought, Liu Si Ye also good.
After reading this, I guess they should have a perfect ending it.
So I will continue to read.

This book is the late twenties Beijing public life is the story of the rickshaw pullers 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; Shoko life.
Shoko is a good honest from the countryside , integrity, honesty , honest man of silence .
In one way or another , he rented rickshaw later , determined to buy a car pull himself .
After three years of effort , he used his own blood and sweat in exchange for a rickshaw .
But not long , warlords marauders stole his car , and then the reactionary government fraud detectives also went to his meager savings , the pain is not over, factory owner ‘s daughter Liu Siye Huniu spotted Shoko , and want
best ways to make Shoko had to marry her , but he did not give up their ideals, with Huniu savings to buy a car , and soon had to sell to food Huniu funeral .
The fate of frustration that he went to pull the car , because he still has hope , and that is a small blessing child .
Later, a small blessing child suicide , gave Shoko fatal blow .
Such a series of blows to make Shoko lost the desire for life and confidence.
He began to fall, he becomes lazy cunning , selfish , also rogue , eventually became a living on the streets of ungrateful punks .

For Rickshaw , I regret , deplore , but also feel helpless , but also feel admiration , I admire his former strong, hard-working and self-confidence.
He no longer depend on others in order to , for their own meals to worry about, mad to pull a cart .
Time to buy a car , he does not care how far away from their long , that their mix is a matter of the head , three beautiful fitflop rokkit charming style in 2012 days and three weeks , three months 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; even three years
can hold on !
A drop of sweat, drops of sweat , I do not know how many thousands of drops of sweat , Shoko only earn a car.
Rain from the wind bite, from the Ziku rice and tea , only make out the car.
The car was struggling with all his hardships and rewards the overall result .
His fearless tired , every corner to save a dime , regardless of cold heat , wind and rain, he finally had enough of the one hundred , get his own car , with his own car , you do not
longer bolt car loan car ‘s gas man , no longer perfunctory others , have their own car , open your eyes will be able to eat.

He pulled the car in the road, there are a few unfortunate illness struck , a disease that is one of eight or ten days , or even months !
Even sick body limp , pull a cart by the legs are untenable , Shoko also refused to concede defeat , he believes he has a strong physique , tall stature , think this disease is nothing, he can walk, but also
able to pull a cart .
Shoko is so confident .
There seems no matter what , he will not be defeated , he always loved the old Peking, flowers everywhere on here , every inch of land is so popular, however , it seems specifically against God and Shoko , a car he had settled
hope in life shattered.
He begged and lost any confidence in life, from progress and become a good strong stoop .
This tragedy exposed the old society effectively put people into a ghost crimes profoundly reveals the reason for the production of this tragedy .
This story , reflected the lives of working people in Peking , fate was met whirl grape .
Shoko This is a life full of hope , his love life, love Peking, but a series of setbacks that he hated the whole world !

Shoko end he was defeated by the darkness of this society , he abandoned his long- stick ideal , lost the driving force of life.
We want to Shoko as a warning, stick to their ideals and never give up , or may not be back to the same as Shoko abyss.

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Haideliangmoli book review

” Haideliangmoli ” Verne is a French classics , which not only has a lot of wonderful fascinating story , but also one of the people to benefit from lifelong literary classic , is a lot of influence in the world ‘s top ten famous person’s life .

” Haideliangmoli ” This book left me a deep impression.
The story is mainly about 1866 , something strange happened on the ocean bizarre : a spinning cone monster it strange light shining whole body , head much larger than the whale , the speed is much faster
at sea mystery haunt , many ships suffered its attack .
In order to protect the safety of maritime traffic , the United Nations issued a statement in North America , announced the establishment of the expedition to destroy the monster .

When the battleship and the sea monster expedition crash occurred after the discovery of the so-called monster is actually a huge submarine ship unique in the world .
Subsequently , the hero was taken to the submarine , along with the beautiful underwater world in which to hunt with Captain Nemo in the Antarctic octopus battle group to defeat the enemy in the sea .
In a whirlpool hero was taken to the land , he did not know Captain Nemo had not fitflop electra strata have survived , whether he should continue to perform his terrible revenge on the ocean floor , and what his real name what is it ?

” Haideliangmoli ” is a touching and full of scientific significance of the novel.
Among them, my favorite Captain Nemo , because he witty, brave , and has been engaged in the study of the cause of ocean exploration !
In life, I’m not so brave .
Once, my father and I went to play farm pond sediment .
Just as we came to climb the ropes where a grunt father climbed in the past , I have had to follow in order to face the last climb .
But only half of the climb , my feet would not stop shaking, shaking up the whole body .
I had to backtrack , it seems I ‘ll have to learn to Captain Nemo .

This book, I really admire Professor Aaron Nass ‘s upbeat ; also admire his master ‘s loyal servant Conseil ; admire the brave Captain Nemo .
Now, let us into this book together , to understand what it is dramatic, now!