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Article hounds word book review fitflops amazon uk400

Recently I read a book by Shen , called ” Article hounds .”
The book tells the story of a hunter raised seven dogs, seven dogs inside the seventh most loyal dog , the dog ‘s name is Chili , Chili , together with the hunters hunt , sunrise and sunset .
Jointly fought fitflop gogh suede, fire and water .
It ‘s kindness and loyalty deeply touched me, I remember , and never forget .

Chili follow the master hunting all day , every very successful.
On one occasion , the old hunter found a fat boar .
A shot wild boar twisted his head , the bullet did not want to kill wild boar , a huge wild boar hunters rushed to the old .
At the crucial moment , Lee actually jump red grass, red hunter thought Lee would like to own escape, but the red grass from Lee Lee is found there is a king cobra , we all know that dogs do not dare snake always fighting , but Chili
devote their lives to snake bite death , then, hunter eyes closed do to prepare to be eaten by wild boar , but never imagined that the wild boar was stuck branches , hunters feel lucky , he silently vowed to go after
Chili should eat.

Hunter came home advantage against hunters Youhou known as red , as if to say : 0026 ldquo; the owner you back, nothing like .
0026 rdquo; Hunter Lee tied the red , also told the little granddaughter at night to eat dog meat, little granddaughter is very good, she was not looking to take advantage of the red hunter Lee let go .
When hunters found feel frantic, but the face of a cute little granddaughter , hunters feel helpless.

Since then, Lee has become red dogs , I read here Chili sad .
Chili with a group of jackals in the forest predators everywhere .
Once hunters go to the forest to hunt , is the group of jackals surrounded him .
At this point, Lee saw red , although the red hunter Lee left fitflops men sale period of time , but still recognize the hunter , it quickly ran to open the jackal population expelled .
Hunter also for previous behavior deeply guilty.

We humans should also have this quality .
I want to learn it and do a responsible , kind, brave , strong people .

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Forest newspaper book review 500 words

Forest is a newspaper is a very interesting Popular Science .
Which describes the many interesting trees on small animals , these stories is that we can not see in real life , inaudible .
This is interesting Popular Science Soviet Bianchi wrote .

Bianchi grandfather Soviet children’s science writer and author of children’s literature , his life wrote many books .
Among them, the forest is my very favorite newspaper to read.
Forest report is divided into four parts, namely seasons, four books , written in four different seasons , different animals have different lifestyles , different living habits are all written down .
Knowledge of the book written in a very full , very clear , very easy to read.
I seem to really living Sen 2014 fitflop red with white forest, saw things described in the book .

After reading this book , so I not only learned a lot of knowledge , but also made ​​me realize that animals do not know the original , this book makes me the most interesting thing about these stories of small animals , where there is a story I
understand why the little bunny rabbit mother after birth , milk fed only once after the left.
This story is written like this : name called cheap fitflop boots , snow feeding baby.
When my mother gave birth to little bunny rabbit , or cover it with snow on the field .
Bunny birth opened his eyes , put on warm coats .
They will be born to run , fed milk to go around and ran away and hid in the bushes and under bushes , quietly lying there, neither bark nor mischievous .
The rabbit mother did not know where to go .
A few days later , my mother had forgotten rabbit rabbit baby .
But Bunny are still lying there still , they did not dare to run around.
A natural enemies will be found running around , it finished .
Finally, there is a rabbit aunt ran a little bunny who have come to the front of it , it wants to drink milk .
Aunt knows rabbit feed them all before leaving .
Bunnies have back the original hiding place .
Mothers who had given up a rabbit rules, regardless of seeing someone’s baby , would go to feed it , to treat it as your own baby too!
This story solved puzzles me , so I can not help but exclaim , original , small animals is also a good feeling !

There is also a story about squirrels , and it makes me praise the flexibility of a small squirrel .
This story is written like this : There is a small squirrel sitting on a stump in the forest small river , two front paws holding large pine cones in bite .
Suddenly a large dog ran out from the woods , toward the barking squirrels, but no squirrels around the tree for climbing trees .
Squirrels will leave the pineal , toward the river.
Big dog in hot pursuit.
River are dense floating logs, squirrels would jump on the recent offshore wood , then jump on the second root , third root .
Under the big dog jumped up anger followed .
But the big dog can jump on round wood it?
Round and round logs in the water with the dog hind leg of a slide, followed by a slide on the front legs also fell into the water .
At this time the water has brought a large number of logs .
Blink of an eye , the big dog and the bird was gone long lithe clever squirrel jump one after the other side to go.
Squirrels really smart ah, was able to hunt in the large dog easily escape !

This book is written a lot, there is a small squirrel sensitive rabbit mothers friendship , cruel hunter there .
All in all , this book taught me many knowledge , let me broaden my horizons , so I know more about the critters fitflop boots sale uk thing.
After reading it, I very much would like to appeal to you , please do not hurt small animals ah !