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red tiles and black tiles book review

Reading is the most interesting thing I had time to read.
I have a soft spot for reading Cao Wenxuan pure fiction , his novel written very simple, I looked after memorable.
Summer, I read a few novels Cao Wenxuan fitflop sneakers.
fitflop black shoes which , “red and black tiles ” Let me feel particularly deep , it can be said to benefit.

The story is about a little hero Lin Bing ‘s middle and high school life , describing to his memorable happened between him and the students .
My favorite story is what happened between Lin Bing and his high school language teacher艾雯.
林冰刚high school, wrote the first essays was named worst艾雯class teacher , so he is very fortunate , the composition of the tear to pieces.
Yiwen teacher but did not get angry , she patiently pointed out the deficiencies in his essay : too fancy language , the lack of simple and true.
The teacher and gave him two boxes of books , let him read a substantial increase .

After reading this story, I was lost in thought .
Since the number rose to five, my writing has been on much praise , errors and shortcomings Lin Bing shortcomings same?
I often write the essay too unreal, no exciting scene.
Between love between family care , friendship between teachers , students, help, difficulties persist in between friends …… These little things are my writing lacks emotion.
Cao Wenxuan look at novels , story are some of the little things of life , such as a guest to the students home , or a work.
But they are nothing to write so fascinating , fascinating , and I can not help but secretly admire the writing of good Cao Wenxuan : put a little thing written, is the real kung fu !

My dream is to be a writer someday , I would like Cao Wenxuan become as famous writer.

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Reynard story book review

This summer, I read a book called ” Reynard Story ” book.
This book helped me , so I know a lot of sense.

This book is mainly about the life of a fox .
Before or feudal society , all the little animals have a name , but the fox that column name is called .
Column that resourceful , so have a lot of harvest.
This book is also in the column that and their 0026 ldquo; Uncle 0026 rdquo; 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; on behalf of noble gray wolf leaves Senge Lun various struggles for clues to reveal the social contradictions , mocking the king, nobility and fitflop sandal very greedy ,
foolish priest.

Fitflop boots sale online after reading this story, I admire that column , I hope to be able to like him, clever , resourceful ; columns that are not afraid of difficulties , but calmly , using his rhetoric to save the day .
If you panic when faced with difficulties , overwhelmed, then the probability of living in a dangerous predicament is even greater.
Not only that , it also articulate, otherwise it is impossible to convince those greedy people 0026 helfitflops reviewslip; 0026 hellip; think so , I have to learn, learn valuable quality that column , a wise man growing up to do .

Column that wisdom deeply shocked me , I will never forget this only clever fox , as well as the fascinating story !

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Mulan book review

Students must know there is a story called “Mulan ” it.
Read this story really touched me , admire a woman who named Mulan .

Once there was a girl Beggar Mulan .
One day , the emperor let each household out of a strong male soldiers exile .
Mulan is no brother , and her elderly father only had each other .
Mulan bear to his father and then travel the enemy , they think of a way 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; himself disguised as a man , mixed barracks.
After Mulancongjun , hard working, brave enemy, even with male soldiers slept in the same bed 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; Although the Magnolia in which life is very hard, but she was not a complaint, continue to work hard fight.
Finally one day , a man came to light magnolia , and that makes Mulan tell the truth.
After the war, Mulan returned to his long-awaited home.

Mulan originally was a frail woman , but for their families and the country , for the father is willing to join the army .
No matter how ferocious enemy , Mulan men brown dass always come forward , without a trace of fear.
After reading this story, I thought: the future must do a fitflop boots sale cheap and Mulan , as both obedient and very loving boy.

Now gender equality , many girls are on their own country has made tremendous contributions.
For example, Liu Yang aunt , she is so far the only Chinese female astronaut , although she is one of the most delicate in the whole astronaut , but she did not flinch, or difficult to complete a space mission .
We have these seedlings, they have to learn on their own efforts for the prosperity of the motherland has to contribute and realize their dreams, thus the circle of our Chinese dream!

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and US counterparts book review fitflop sale usa

At the beginning of the new semester , I read a book called ” peer with the United States “, was inside a small story touched .
After reading these stories , and sometimes makes me a knowing smile on the couch , and sometimes makes me think about their own life experience is still shallow , but there are two such stories have been touched me , a studious and trustworthiness of the ancients Lian and a two decades as one
May their love Jie grandfather .

0026 ldquo; Lian also book 0026 rdquo; Lian said is very studious , can the family was poor and had to borrow from others , each time returning books , never default.
Even in cold weather , plus mom 0026 ldquo; tomorrow, and then copy 0026 rdquo; kindly persuasion, but he promised to abide by , adhere Transcription until dawn , and finally put the book back on time the host family .
Long after that , Lian by trustworthy won everyone’s trust , people are willing to lend him the book , Lian therefore read many, many books amazon fitflop shoes, has finally become a generation writer .
After reading this story , I think 0026 ldquo; trustworthy 0026 rdquo; is the cornerstone of a person ‘s future success .
If childhood bad faith, such as borrowing pencils to the students not yet promised to someone else , but often forget , then after the others will not believe you, the consequences grow up trust zero : you will lose the friendship , affection,
image, honor, or even care to help the community , and ultimately to fend for themselves and other people do not live in the same world cheapest fitflop !
Therefore , it should be brought up to develop the good habit of honesty and trustworthiness , to get people’s understanding and trust , based on the world.

0026 ldquo; boiled eggs in exchange for teaching building 0026 rdquo; not to teach us how to do business to make money, not the story of a wealthy grandfather Shangyu membership , but with hard- boiled eggs to sell the money savings for home -made school , so few
thousands of students can read a letter that he was a man living in a small house crowded touching story .
Marx said : 0026 ldquo; If a person only for himself and alive, then his life is bleak , it is only for perfect contemporaries , for their happiness and life in order to make their lives meaningful 0026 rdquo ;.
After reading this story, I can not help but think with my dad watched “Shrek ” movies, there is love and a sense of responsibility , to make a person’s life has meaning .
A man , if only consider their own , even by hard-working and lived a rich life , but his contribution to society as a whole would not be , but does not make social progress.
Even if he lived two hundred years , with or without him, and to our world are not affected.
With love , although their ability to help others , even his own life in this world only had a little , a good change , that is valuable , this life makes sense.

I want to think about the future , small study hard, honest and trustworthy , helpful, both grew up to become a wealthy and caring person, then because of my presence or my invention, my theory make the world a better place , this
is my own greatest expectations!

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Lake folktale book review

Childhood , childish , I only know that West has broken bridge , you can take boat battery , that finished the Sir Georg Solti it traveled West !
Great people often talked about West is so amazing, how beautiful , I do not always understand , the West Lake in my eyes become very mysterious, West became my heart ‘s a question mark !

In the second grade until the day my father gave me a “West folktale ,” buried in the heart of a question mark finally solved ! Fitflop women uk

Oh, our hometown Lake there are so many fun places it!
Get the book , I was ecstatic , and hurried to open one , two , I’m like a hungry wolf , greedily read .
Wow !
The story of the book was very exciting , I see love .
A chapter vivid stories in my mind echoed : “Pearl” , “Golden Lake”, ” Phoenix Mountains “, ” Yuquan ” 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; stroll in the West side , onto the bridge, boarded Gushan ,
Westlake people everywhere to reverie.
Westlake ‘s thinking on the books of old photographs , I can not help but sigh : 0026 ldquo; changes in Westlake really big!
0026 rdquo; see, now Sir Georg Solti , Xixishushu trees on both sides has been replaced Mimicengceng willows ; Quyuanfenghe huge mix of lotus in full bloom .
West side of fresh air even attracted many friends from all over the world as well as the elderly to the lake to exercise .
Listen , little Yulong is quietly told me: kids , me and Jinfeng painstakingly created this bright pearl of West Lake , you can get a good treasure yo, do not forget when you play to keep the environment clean it!

I came fitflop Liulangwenying , the eye is a green , under the touch of the breeze , green willows waft their hair.
Walking in the forest trail , a breath of nature’s more , the plane stood in a row , the highest 0026 ldquo; elderly 0026 rdquo; they assumed a posture of overweening .
There is also a clear lake staggered cute black and white stripe fish !
Looking at the crystal-clear lake, my ears sounded like Jidian monk discourse : children , because people in Hangzhou active protection , only today the beautiful West Lake ah !
Walk Wushan Tianfeng , walking in the mountains of the small stone , lush trees around , looking around a green, how can we not refreshing ?
Wushan to Jingxiu , Shi Qi, Qing Quan , known cave America West Lake , the mountains Linmao Quan Feng , mountain road, there is a group of different forms of rock 2014 fitflop rock chic sandals navy stone , because it resembles the Zodiac and is known
0026 ldquo; Zodiac stone 0026 rdquo ;.
Look, kids play there more than happy ah !
Suddenly appeared in front of me RichStone hearty laughter : protect nature , protect our environment, in order to exchange this harmonious beautiful!

China has a lot of Westlake , such as Yangzhou Slender West Lake , West Lake, Huizhou West Lake of Fuzhou , etc., can all corners of tourists Why is the West Lake in Hangzhou ?
Hangzhou West Lake beautiful!
So most people will answer .
In fact, there are even more important, Hangzhou West Lake in order to protect nature as the most important tourist attractions in the repair while planting a lot of flowers and trees .
As a result, more trees , flowers and more, Hangzhou West Lake a natural fresh air .

Live in the beautiful paradise , enjoying a happy and harmonious life , I shall have to take good care of nature , so that people more harmonious coexistence with nature , make our homes more beautiful , let us a better tomorrow !

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Yue Fei book review

0026 ldquo; thirty fame dust and soil , The Cloud and months 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rdquo; read it first , ” Azolla ” I Sichaoqifu , so I again turned a ” Yue Fei .”

The book describes a sake of gold anti-hero 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; Yue Fei ‘s life : the Southern Song Dynasty , Kinbyo guilty side , incompetence of Emperor Gaozong Huns retreat step by step , this time, the national hero Yue Fei appeared.
He grew studious, set up so that when they grow up afraid of Hun Yue Jiajun .
Heavy fisale fitflops uktflop reviews Chong Kinbyo , determined to serve the motherland , sharp setback barbarian , for Song Chaoli down a lot.
Song cases can be narrow-minded Emperor , at the time of the Song dynasty about to unity, listen to the traitor Qin Hui of calumny , even to Yue Fei made ​​a twelve military orders and hard for him to wear , and trumped-up charges , so that only thirty-nine
he died in the storm Pavilion , people to remember him and made a Wangmiao , invented the 0026 ldquo; braised onion bag 0026 rdquo; this snack to vent their hatred against Qin Hui .

Five thousand years of Chinese history , the emergence of so many like Yue Fei outstanding patriotic professionals , such as: ancient great patriotic poet Qu Yuan , father’s army of heroine Mulan ; Modern outstanding patriotic poetess Bing ,
suicide blocking loophole Jiguang ; fitflops men sale of modern and promising glory for the country ‘s Olympic athletes Sun Yang , 0026 ldquo; hybrid Rice 0026 rdquo; Father Longping .
They like the Yangtze River gushing tide , a wave and then a wave.
And my most revered is 0026 ldquo; Father of the missile 0026 rdquo; Qian .

In Qian view, the country is heavy , home lightest and heaviest science , fame lightest .
0026 ldquo; 5 years returned road, 10 years two bombs into 0026 rdquo; tell the story of what Qian grandfather ; he resolutely abandoned the US superior creature comforts and a good working environment, to break through the layers of obstruction United States ,
after untold hardships , finally returned to the motherland.
Chinese technology that was still very backward , even a decent lab did not, but he is no blame here to carry out a decades-long career , made in the invention of the two bombs , making China the third
the country has a nuclear bomb .

0026 ldquo; bristle , lean on a railing at , drizzly rain break .
Lifting my eyes, the sky and shouts , grand, vehement .
0026 rdquo; ” Azolla ” verse again linger in my ears , never, never 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

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read ” Seton Wildlife Tales ” felt

A few days ago, I saw ” Seton Wildlife Tales ” this book, I am deeply moved .

In this book author talked about his dog —- Bingo , it is a witty sensitive , is admirable Shepherd .
Sidon followed his family came to Canada at the age of six with his childhood love of nature , grow up to make a catch werewolf.
There is a mistake because he was a wolf in his own clip to grip , and later his dog rushed to save him .
When he felt the pain of wolf clamped clip , so he never ever do hunters.

The book impressed me a horse called Scud horse, a horse that was born horse, cowboy wants to have it all , a man named Joe Carlo exhausted all his property to hunt this horse
black Mustang , but who can not be tied to the free black Mustang .
But finally one day , a black Mustang forced the cliff , in front of the abyss , behind the pursuers hot pursuit , shocking scene appeared 2014 fitflop rokkit royalblue : the black Mustang did not hesitate to leap , jumped out

In this book , I also recognize the resourceful Garnett 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; Lopo ; black population of the smartest , strongest , bravest Crow 0026 ldquo; silver spot 0026 rdquo ;; 0026 ldquo; Mother Hero 0026 rdquo; white-tailed rabbit
Korea 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Reading this book , I learned that animals , like people fitflop trainers sale classes, will use their own lives to protect their families, tirelessly fitflop hooper sandals nurturing the next generation .
Understand the animals love freedom , but also have feelings , so we should live in harmony with wildlife , do not mess catch indiscriminate killing , so that they become man’s best friend .