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read Anne of Green Gables felt

Today, I sat on the sofa , quietly , and makes the taste of ” Anne of Green Gables ” This classic name fitflop floretta 2014 black 0026 silver with, this summer , is the third time I have been reading this book ,
this ” Anne of Green Gables ” , like a butterfly fluttering in my fingers , it was a beautiful segment , beautiful text thoroughly impressed me every time to read it, he always gives me infinite novelty

Reading between the lines , he looked at me , his eyes sparkling, his mouth chatter 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; suddenly crisp shouted : 0026 ldquo; 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; ah yo, Mr. Cuthbert !
Ah yo, Mr. Cuthbert !
Ah yo, Mr. Cuthbert !
0026 rdquo; turned out , he was the head of the car after blossoming avenue, was that incomparable beauty 0026 ldquo; scare 0026 rdquo; authored .

I was already clear , and the moment she was confused lived.
It took a while , I realized he was going to come from , the Green Gables farmhouse what to do.
It turned out that Annie is an orphan, was Matthew , Marilla two pairs of old adoptive siblings come .
The freckled face of Anne 0026 bull; Shirley talk about happiness is magical and simple, he just pointed to a flower, said 0026 ldquo; incense 0026 rdquo ;, you immediately smell the flowers rich ; say a tree 0026 ldquo; America
0026 rdquo ;, you immediately find it beautiful and verdant .

Anne’s imagination exceptionally rich, he often bland eyes of others would like to have something extra amazing.
He put in front of the forest named 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo haunted forest woods in the room after ;, trail named 0026 ldquo; lover trails 0026 rdquo ;.
The ability to express Anne is also very surprising that she could not breathe a sigh of relief now a topic to speak for 20 minutes.

Most fitflop retailers uk makes me laugh is that , once, his red hair was ridiculed in order to satisfy her own vanity , trying to become black hair , actually with a roadside selling Italian businessman bought
bottle of dye , can not only did her hair turned black , but becomes a strange green color , the color that can wash down, she had her hair cut .

Anne of Green Gables in the cozy farmhouse to find their own home, she fitflop sandals uk sale brown housework , make friends, get into trouble , go to school , she catch , can not wait to live , love and hate the same crazy .
Really, she actually fascinated me .

Salomon Snowcross

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The Art of War book review 500 words

Holiday afternoon , warm a little drunk , and I sat by the window , holding a famous ancient Chinese art of war book —- ” Art of War” , meditation read.
It is late spring and great strategist Sun Tzu written in ancient China , it is both a military works , but also a philosophical works , how military forces around , how sparring , how to know yourself and to write.
Where the 0026 ldquo; beginning meter first 0026 rdquo; opening the book as a whole , is the essence of the book .
And behind the war , the military -shaped, with rooms and other twelve block describing the rules to win .

I watched, I was extraordinary characters in the book of wisdom , I would like secret thoughts are fascinated , his thoughts drifted ancient as it leisurely .
In the book, I met Han familiar with the art of war , an outstanding strategist Li Mu , love men brown dass as child soldiers, the military commander in the history of the famous Qi , so that I felt the fitflop trainer their wisdom and good quality.

Through this book, I also learned a lot of famous battles , battle by battle famous volley —- fertilizer under , there is the classic of classics – Battle , as well as a large-scale campaign – Chengpu
battle and other books have been written on very carefully , using a general strategy is focused on the specific method of description , so I’m on the ground, as if to see the two teams launched the assault, the scene of fierce fighting .
In addition, I also learned the terrain of war is good or bad , a variety of attack methods , as well as the importance of using spies to obtain intelligence and so on.
These are still very important in modern life .

I was most memorable battles —- Chengpu large-scale war .
It is Gong emerged as one of the famous Battle of Five Hegemons .
Chengpu war victory can be said that the military strategy of victory , living in disadvantaged Jin , correct and objective analysis of the prevailing situation, the proper selection of the battlefield , to take political and diplomatic alliances , resulting in a favorable situation for one’s own , to seize the initiative
, in a rational , favorable strategic position , and finally won.
It makes me think of my learning .
In the study, I want to change from passive to active, listen carefully in class , learning to master correctly , the initiative to complete the job after school , rather than adult supervision, make yourself a solid basic knowledge , but also flexibility, do not die reading, reading
dead books , so as to improve their academic performance , achieve greater progress .

I like to read the ” Art of War” , it is a rare book is a valuable heritage of Chinese culture in the history of five thousand years of strategy Masterpieces !
Through this book, I have found the right way to learn , guide me constantly strive to make progress !

Salomon sko salg

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and crows do neighbors book review

” And crows do neighbors ,” the author is by Shen , born in Shanghai in 1952 .

This book is about the author and the crows do neighbors.
Although mainly about magpies and crows belong Corvidae , from the classification , said : 0026 ldquo; belong blood are similar, but very different reputation .
People for the Magpies lucky bird , fairy tale there 0026 ldquo; hi magpie ‘s come 0026 rdquo; say, the Magpies board sticks metaphor wedding Blessings .
Speaking of crow, tempted to frown .
Kid kids fitflops sale grandmother often told me : 0026 ldquo; when you go out to meet crow , Ganjin Wang spat his heel , otherwise, crow calls out toward you , you will be in trouble .
Toward you call three times, going home dead .
I listened to the creeps !
Entrenched view: Crow is an unlucky bird , the main bad omen .

Began to think of very hateful crow .
Red-billed Blue Magpie day group attacked the crow ‘s nest , the authors took twenty disarray small amazon fitflop crows, ravens and then to ask for fledgling authors , author bailing go home , but in the end had to use a ladder to chicks
away , the author and the rest of the Ravens became friends.
One day, a yellow authors hit the mountains to hunt deer, but the deer was hanging in Daqing yellow tree, when it alerted the author picked red fitflop hyka mouth Blue Magpie , Red-billed Blue Magpie attack on the author, but the Ravens arrived.
So they started a war.
Finally crow victory, crow of a life saved .

In this story , I know the crow though ugly , but they are still very smart.

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bird slavery book review

The birds should be free and should not be doing someone else’s slave , even if it is because of fear of predators and become someone else’s slave is not desirable.
Birds flying in the blue sky mission is .

The story is a common mynah birds, they like to eat small insects , snake eagle is the national animal protection , is a large bird of prey , its wings made ‚Äč‚Äčabout 210 cm , carved snake is a snake favorite food ,
occasionally , when food is scarce , will eat myna .
If so, then , why these two birds would otherwise unrelated symbiotic one trees?
Grackle Why do snakes carved willingly slaves it?
The original is this :

Grackle very afraid of snakes , but the snake is a snake carved cuisine, the reason usually do not eat snake eagle Grackle , because snakes like to eat mynah , so with Grackle symbiotic a tree , you can borrow mynah attract snakes, and
Once the snake came to the tree , it will be eaten by a snake eagle , myna living in this treacherous environment.

Mao and Xu mother is a pair of mynah , ladies and handsome Lang is one pair of snake eagle couple.
Mao and Xu Lang mother for ladies and handsome good turns out to be obedient obey the .
I think , Mao and Xu mother this approach fitflop ltd is extremely wrong.
They later his birdie born, they loved the apple , darling, but these lovely birds Condor couple was killed one after another , until finally a male bird ——
crystal ball, it ran away from home when the couple’s children Condor beaten , discount them a few feathers , but it is after all just a mynah , mynah is no match for the snake eagle , that two
young birds will be killed crystal ball alive , ladies and handsome couple hunting Long back, a look at his little baby eagles hurt , they rage, they issued a fierce attack on the mynah couple, forced, old
Mao and Xu mother had flown .

0026 ldquo; I 0026 rdquo; originally thought that they never come back, they will never leave this cruel world, but , to my surprise , the next morning , they flew back, they perched on my observation that
two types of birds pit , and willing to do my slave , because they way out.

0026 ldquo; I 0026 rdquo; put them back Observatory , after a few months , they gave birth to three small mynah , wait till three birds fly , I hope they do not like their parents, do
strong slaves !
Wait until the day they fly away , I hope they will fly to the sky , do not be afraid of nature a bird .

They do cheapest fitflops brother crystal ball out of the best role models , they should be as brave as his brother !

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