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O. Henry short story book review

There is such a person to write fiction , it was not that he is not long, but you can always bring novel -like lingering memories ; such a person to write novels, read to the ordinary , but always at the end to bring you the very
big shock ; such a person to write novels, he did not mysterious detective novels , no shape prominent personalities, but every ordinary little people he described let us in tears reading blooming warm smile 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip
; he is O. Henry and his short stories.

O. Henry acquaintance or in the sixth grade , choose a book to learn the language of the text after the fitflops men in an article called ” a sweatshirt ,” the novel, writing simple, but fitflop the cha cha red finish , the bird Angtou
elk will be in my mind deeply rooted .

So , read O. Henry out of control.

In O. Henry ‘s short story ” The Last Leaf ,” I know the original of this world there is always green leaf can not die, it was a great painter , but extremely poor Bellman life painted with a brush , which forever
not withered ivy leaves evoke desire Johnsy students ;

In O. Henry ‘s short story ” Gift of the Magi ,” I know that there are kind of pay can let go of the self : Della order to give her husband’s gold watch accompanied by a delicate bracelet , reluctantly sold a beautiful long
hair, it is 0026 ldquo; hair 0026 rdquo ;; simultaneously just like a small waterfall pour brown shiny , beautiful hair in order to give her husband Jim coupled with his wife’s love tortoiseshell comb has long sold the three generations of ancestral gold watch.
Just love to pay a heavy price to pay , but who can say that this couple is not spent on the poor the most happy Christmas it?

In O. Henry ‘s short story ” two Thanksgiving Day gentleman ,” I know there is a commitment to defend with their lives .
Despite the decline of the rich man and he is hungry, but he still bearing in mind that the annual Thanksgiving Day meal to make a tramp , the results themselves are hungry dizzy ; rich and poor wretch to thank the gift , even though he has to fill his stomach by the charity
, but still bites a rich meal that burst the belly 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

It is said that O. Henry ‘s novel , the most attractive is the end of his surprise , because this end , it is called 0026 ldquo; O. Henry -style ending 0026 rdquo ;.
To be honest , at first I was attracted to the end of the novel , because he always finds the outcome when you surprise surprise you .
But again and again I read his simple but exquisite, after similar but mysterious story, I think I finally know why he is so shocked, shocked precisely this group of poor pen from O. Henry , humble little , they all filled
love, full of stamina , so warm and firmly into the reader’s mind .

As the saying goes , money talks !
O. Henry tells us that money is not everything , really touched people’s hearts is precisely your soul.
A pure fitflop boots sale cheap clean noble soul , even if he was naked , even though she hungry, he is still a giant in our hearts .

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lucky little fox book review

The book tells the story of a little boy Mingjiaobili , he abandoned his childhood parents , became an abandoned child .
He was either raised too many families , but he is still unable to integrate into the world around him.
He grew up there stuttering disease, which makes him even more loss of life courage folder .
His 2014 fitflop black with pink in the class he was very lonely , like no contact with him , and even did a teacher like him .
Every day , lonely tormented him .
Finally, then, people where Billy discovered a new world , located at the river bank of an abandoned church became so he could feel for a lively place .
The days are over , where he spent one and a spare moment.
There, he likes to torture small animals to put a little swan hunting dog escaped from the foot when he fortunately found a litter of little foxes , which is 4 0026 fitflop john lewisldquo; ow 0026 rdquo; fox cubs to be feeding
When Billy knew their mother died under the wheels when the other three also died in the hunters at gunpoint when he took the only escape together only surviving a small fox.
They rely on each other , like a family in general 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; look for them in the future 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

I was reading this little book , I was very moved , Billy him to a small fox , running away from home , then put him back in the Nature 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

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to succeed on their own book review

Rely on to succeed ?
Perhaps we had all thought about this problem.
By their parents ?
By the teacher ?
Or rely on friends ?
Read ” on its own success” , I came to understand : everything only on their own !

Author Liu Yong has a junior high school daughter sail , sail is the home of the little princess , pampered childhood .
In order to be able to separate her daughter in the future , be able to rely on their own strength to win success, Liu Yong will choose a topic every day , combined with his personal experience , written in a period of a few hundred word article , to teach her ​​daughter how to grow , how to be successful.
In the 35 topics , the most I have feelings is : Tan genius 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; who is the true genius ?

Around us , it seems a lot of talent .
Learning good skills numerous high ; wise , there are also many achievements .
I and everyone else, that these people are genius.
However, Liu Yong felt , genius is very abstract , hard to say what kind of talent is genius.
He gave her amazing new fitflop frou flower sandals red tell such a story : a friend of his art department , very bad grades at school , and often can not understand the essentials of painting .
And several of the class 0026 lclassic fitflop grey rokkit dignified 2012 styledquo; genius 0026 rdquo; but he that pass .
However, many years later , that 0026 ldquo; genius 0026 rdquo; had thrown away the brush , only he and one other girl was still painting .
The two men , and the rest is eliminated after the elimination of genius .
Yes ah, want to be a genius , we must learn to persevere , step by step , identify the target , fitflop shoes sale adhere to in the end , do not give up.
Genius to understand step by step, persevere !

Liu Yong book some seemingly simple reminder, but it is actually the point of our attention bumpy road to success .
From rest to communication, from the success or failure of the life and death —— these small reminder that we should keep in mind , and use their own power to meet success.

Insist on doing their own , rely on themselves to succeed !

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Saga Super Grandma book review

0 if not on the transcript just fine.
1 point 2 points add up , there are five points it!

Ten thousand individuals born , there are always a few failed .

Even if there are two or three people hate you , turn around there is a million people.

Carefully read of these quotations , we can deeply feel the Saga grandmother brought optimism from the bottom of my heart .
Because unable to raise , the mother had to be as young as eight years old Tokunaga Zhao Guang Saga foster grandmother .
In the Saga of days, he had a very poor , but, Emo Yong far very happy, always optimistic attitude towards everything.

On the way to work , the grandmother would tie a rope around the waist , the rope still tied to a magnet .
Walk, every step will be issued 0026 ldquo; Gala Gala 0026 rdquo; voice, while it will put near the nails, iron filings are stuck in it.
0026 ldquo; these waste can sell them , you can buy a lot of money miles.
Do not pick something off the road , would be subjected to God punished.
0026 rdquo; days , although poor, can still use her grandmother optimism and wisdom, for the simple life adds a special touch of color.
This optimism is her open-minded spirit , fitflop supertone sale make me feel comfortable in Tokunaga Zhao Guang Saga of life.

In front of the cottage , there is a grandmother called 0026 ldquo; supermarkets 0026 rdquo; river, the river shelves grandmother a wooden stick .
Tail daily drift down from upstream split radish , cucumber , etc. malformations , have been stopped by the stick .
0026 ldquo; split into small pieces boiled turnip taste like , curved cucumbers pickled shredded salted one , and tastes the same.
0026 rdquo; grandmother is so good at innovation.
With whimsy to decorate life, so life can be a little better .

Zhao Guang score is very bad.
In addition to sports and mathematics are out , other subjects are poor.
Moreover, mathematics is at a friend ‘s help has been out only reluctantly .
Home, Zhao Guang sad for my grandmother said : 0026 ldquo; Excuse me, are a point or two points.
0026 rdqupink fitflopso; but did not expect , but Grandma smiled and said : 0026 ldquo; does not matter, it does not matter , one point two points add up , there are five friends !
0026 rdquo; grandmother never seem sad.
She ‘s mind , and are happy to live !

We want to be like my grandmother , like to see the world from a different angle , with wisdom , creativity and optimistic attitude towards everything.
Regardless of success or failure , we must remember :

Beautiful Life !