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read Anne of Green Gables felt book review

Recently , I read a book, ” Anne of Green Gables ” vivid content , moving the plot suddenly attracted me engaging women white fitflop fiorella, I ‘ll read it all in one breath .

” Anne of Green Gables ” is mainly about a little girl named Annie from small to large upbringing, Annie is an orphan , grew up to be adopted, the character gall 2014 new fitflop royalblue little eccentric, since school started , ups and downs , work and self-motivation
from no friends to understand friendship, learn from the poor to excellent results , experienced ups and downs of life, eventually became a good teacher .

Anne ‘s experience deeply touched me, though this is a fictional story , but my education is profound.
Although I have not Anne rough life experiences , but I’m a bit like a child ‘s personality Anne .
Too proud , timid , not confident, remember , starting at school , I wanted to become a good student , but , until now , good student each semester selection are not my sake, I was very depressed , a person
I do not know how many times secretly crying , no roll student on the assessment , mainly because of academic instability, ups and downs , but important cause of academic instability because of my personality, because too proud , I do not raise their hands to speak , afraid
wrong to let the students look down ; because timid , met the teacher does not know the problem is not afraid to ask , afraid to ask the students ; because no self-confidence, so did not dare to expand the study of ideas, not always on an academic level.
Alas !
I have these personalities, not like the book Anne little time now?

Personal experience makes me a deeper understanding , read ” Anne of Green Gables ” It’s like drinking a glass of sobering , deeply felt Annie is my role model .

Anne ‘s upbringing on my life and learning will be of great inspiration and help.
First , a person must self-esteem, self-reliance , though Anne is an orphan , but she did not give up on themselves , but the courage to face reality fitflops sale amazon , take the initiative to communicate with people, communicate with their actions to win a lot of friends .
I usually relatively timid , do not dare to communicate with others , not good at expressing their feelings, read Anne’s story should make me understand how to establish self-confidence, how to communicate with people, and become a lively, cheerful , loving
Secondly, we must realize the dream must persevere, persevere.
Anne from a timid orphan , through their own efforts , and finally became a respected outstanding teachers.
I did not roll student repeatedly on the assessment, was very sad and sorry , Anne ‘s experience tells me the sky will not fall pie , no one can casually succeed , not through hard work , you can not reach the other side of success .
From now on, I want to learn as Annie , efforts to overcome too proud , timid , self-confidence and other bad habits, I think if you seriously pay , it must be the result , because No pain, no gain , through the unremitting pursuit, Miyoshi
student’s dream, I should be able to achieve .

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read ” shoemaker’s son read ” felt

Origin, not your stumbling block to success .
Even if you are humble , if you seriously study and hard work , we will accomplish something great cause .

Text ” shoemaker ‘s son ,” wrote Lincoln became president, Senator Gan fitflop supertone were very embarrassed .
Because Lincoln ‘s father was a shoemaker .
Thus, the senators decided to humiliate him when Lincoln speech , however , Lincoln with his self-deprecating let Congressman convinced.

Lincoln though humble , or shoemaker ‘s son.
However , through careful study and his excellent speech , and finally when the throne of the United States President on a number of celebrity aspire to become an outstanding president of the mukluk fitflop boots in American history one .
Its 2014 fitflop luna real around us there are many such examples .

In the vegetable market next to my house where there was a butcher ‘s uncle , he comes from a poor Sichuan , remote mountain village , living in a ten square meters of rented room , there is a small stall.
Every day, he laughs and meat , packing , money , not at all complain about their hard life , but also sometimes look at books , newspapers, to increase knowledge .
Slowly, he bought a few stalls beside ; Slowly, he bought a Honda car ; Slowly, he called several folks .
Finally , he even opened a branch in the other markets .

The butcher ‘s uncle , not because of his humble origins , rather than to work hard, give up.
But after their own efforts , from scratch, cook the big boss.

In the long history of our China, such examples also abound.
Three of Liu Bei began as a selling sandals nobody, but , through the efforts of his , when on the monarch of a country Shu , the achievements of the Three Kingdoms situation ; Mao Zedong , too.
Although he was of peasant origin , but strenuously reading, join the revolutionary cause , defeated Chiang Kai-shek , the imperialists out of China , the establishment of new China .

So humble can not be changed , you can change is your attitude.
As long as you are positive, keep control of your humble will accomplish something big business .

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John Christopher book review

After reading the ” John Christopher ” this book, I felt grown up, to understand a lot of things in the book , I saw myself, I saw his timid and do not adhere to , although John 0026 bull;
Christopher is not perfect, but he honest, magnanimous , dedicated , strong , with a strong spirit of resistance , although he has a lonely soul , but he was more heroic blood.
His body has a lot to learn in my place!

He was born in a musical family , he put the wind, the sound of water and all the sound integration of nature in his music, strong emotions in music , although he was 10 years old a few fitflop sale uk online should assume the responsibility to support their families
, but this does not hinder the pursuit of his music , though all the people of the world did not understand his thinking , and involved 2014 new fitflop diamond sandal navy blue was wanted for a struggle , forced into exile in France.
All unfortunate , but to promote his music had a more intense emotions, his musical skills deeper.
In turn, take a look at my own childhood began learning the piano and flute , although good teachers good environment , but sometimes afraid to eat hard, practiced less and less able to practice , in turn, take a look at John Christopher his new fitflop
lunetta black living in France when , in order to adhere to their own style of music, would rather starve to death and would not like those so-called upper class people yield , which is what a great spirit realm ah !

One day when he was successful, no longer the unknown , abjection musician .
His works have been competing to sing.
However, he is still very calm , calm face of all this , is not proud.
Showed his extraordinary and great.

After reading this book , so I know how to overcome their shortcomings, do not give up , no inferiority in the face of adversity and hardship ; does not dry in the face of arrogance achievement ; soul of true love cut of mind to face
I believe , with John Christopher whole life to music, From now also accompanied me through every stage of life , I believe that music not only to John 0026 bull;. Christophe world becomes
gorgeous and charming, it makes my world more colorful .

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happiness is what book review

Before, I always thought that happiness is a person can round and round , happily living together .
That my mother put my clothes , socks, wash well, my father took my bowl wash , that is happiness , and today I read ” What is happiness “, with different views on happiness ,

This story focuses on : the three little boys together the puzzle of a fitflop mukluk sale slim , smart daughter said : 0026 ldquo; very kind of you , you will be happy !
0026 rdquo; may three children do not know what is happiness, she told the kids back here again a decade later , they will understand.
Ten years later, they say because they help others happy.
I understand a truth , happiness depends on labor, rely on very well to do their duty , to make useful things for people .

In fact , not only in fairy tales have happy people feel things in our society which have, such as: best driver Roderick .
May 29, 2012 , Hangzhou long passenger transport company Roderick , driving buses return from Wuxi on the way , and suddenly there is a block of iron fitflop trainer fly down from the sky , shattering the windscreen of his vehicle , hit his arm and other
At this critical juncture, Roderick endured great pain , parked the car slowly , through a series of secure parking measures to ensure the safety of 24 passengers , and he himself died a death .
I will do some housework to help my father , such as washing dishes, laundry , etc.

Happiness is so simple, happy is to give people more of a warm, let someone else do a little thing 0026 hellip; 0026 john lewis fitflophellip; bring happiness to others , while they themselves would be very happy , this is happiness .

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fingers solar book review

In the holidays , I read a juvenile red classic 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; ” fingers of the sun .”

This book describes the Red Army over the grass , there was one from a special member of the special team 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; host team , is special , because this 0026 ldquo; asylum Team 0026 rdquo; mainly by women and children
composed the way they close your eyes for the dead soldiers , as they do spend grave , also found some suspicious barley 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; eventually, some people out of the grass, while others are buried in the grass in the
0026 ldquo; fingers sun 0026 lsquo; refers to Chapter 11 , was in the hands of a small tree days of barley seedlings.
In all despair, in the days to find ways to encourage people to fitflop rock chic purple, so he put a small grain barley caught in armpits and let it germinate.
This method is successful, when we see the tree barley seedlings , my heart is full of hope and strength , and it is this strength, so where to buy fitflops we went to the final 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Once upon a time , I exam the first 60 , the equivalent reciprocal fourth, I was desperate , almost do not want to learn a little , back home, my mother side to comfort me, while encouraging me , I was also raised hopes
, study hard, listen carefully in the school , home to review , and finally at the next exam forward 39 .

In life, there is no rokkit fitflops really desperate situation , only desperate people , about to despair, an encouragement, maybe we can let you hang on until the end.

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book review and a race against time

Today , amazon fitflop teacher told us new fitflop fleur pale bronze of a text called ” a race against time .”

The main lesson is to write new fitflop via flame is a thing of Lin Ching childhood : his grandmother died, he was very sad , so I do not know how to comfort his father had said to him : 0026 ldquo; time has passed , it is no longer
come back.
0026 rdquo; such as language, so the start of a race against time .

In the text , there is a saying I do not understand , is that sometimes the sun of race , sometimes faster than the northwest wind .
First, he and solar race , the sun rose again by the fall , Keren is to go from one place to another , how than you?
And northwest winds faster than that even some do not understand, northwest wind gust , plus northwest wind speed fast , how than you?
In addition , if the southeast wind of it ?
Text last sentence : 0026 ldquo; vacation you have been a race against time , you can succeed !
Some covered this sentence , but I know the author meant, probably wanted us to do ahead of time to people .

After reading this text , so I began to feel that instant How time flies !